shafina 2:20am, 6 April 2014

we will be organising a photo walk in kuala lumpur, malaysia as well. details will be posted by next week, but so far we have got a facebook event page up:

most of us are from the old "KLickr / KL Flickr Meetup" group but we expect to meet lots of new people as well.

come and join us! :)

shafina 4 years ago
i am also wondering if there are actual flickr staff in this group? i have have never been able to get in touch with anyone for so many years now.

we used to be a pretty active community here in kuala lumpur, many of us are close friends now of course but we don't know any staff like we used to ;)

Xerxes2K 4 years ago
Shafina, we're thrilled you are going to organize a photo walk in Kuala Lumpur -- and in fact this is our first photo walk for this project in Asia! :D

I've added your event to our list, and for sure there are still some staff members around that you might know. Shoot me a Flickrmail if you have any questions!
shafina Posted 4 years ago. Edited by shafina (member) 4 years ago
thanks kay. i will flickr mail you soon! :)
click³ 4 years ago
Not exactly sure what to bring but I'm def joining!
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