Lawrence Wang 王治钧 PRO 12:57pm, 4 April 2014
what a pity, I have not seen any Asian city in this event, I d like to organize one in Shanghai, China, here is the meetup. I will invite more friends to join this.
Xerxes2K PRO 4 years ago
Fantastic, Lawrence, I've add you to our list.
monkid zhang 4 years ago

thanks. I see more Asian Cities in this group now.
monkid zhang:

we will have a tour around some ancient buildings in Shanghai. I will post more information in meetup here
丁丁摄影师 4 years ago
OT that day

Will u join?
Maple&Maple 4 years ago
tenz1225 PRO 4 years ago
丁丁摄影师 4 years ago
Lawrence Wang 王治钧:

so sad to say :“I can not join”

monkid zhang:

French- Style Posters Column (outside), XinTianDi, No.18 Building, 181 TaiCang Road,XinTianDi , Shanghai Architecture Walk, e.g. ShiKuMen (石库门), old villa, church, etc around DanShui Road, FuXing Road, SiNan Road, XiangShang Road and FuXing Park
I realized the Sunday will be working day, so let's change the date to 3rd, May
丁丁摄影师 4 years ago
可惜了 5/3还是木有空啊 555(上市公司子公司的财务月头最最忙了) 4 years ago
z bill 4 years ago
Angelia 2041 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Angelia 2041 (member) 4 years ago
Thanks so much. Have fun. Oh Yeah!
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