ahh.photo PRO 12:04am, 3 April 2014
I'm planning on organizing the Orlando Photo Walk. Let me know if you're interested in helping. What locations would interest you?
I would like to do a photo walk around Tampa. or Orlando.
brittadesigns PRO 4 years ago
jamalfanaian PRO 4 years ago
Hi there! I'd love to attend as well! If Sun Rail is running by then, the Downtown / Lake Eola area would be great. Otherwise, I'm open to any location :)
p richards 4 years ago
OK found Fl......I can do Orlando; won't know anyone, but would love to. Orlando!
jamalfanaian PRO 4 years ago
We need to confirm a time and location since it's one week away! Also, I have some Flickr swag to give away too! (Pins and stickers)
ahh.photo PRO 4 years ago
Orlando it is...

I'm in agreement of the downtown area. Sunrail doesn't run on weekends though so we will not be to hop on to other locations. Any other areas of interest?

PS. Glad you ordered the Flickr swags!
Pacdog PRO 4 years ago
I'm in for this. Just happens I'll actually be here in Orlando for a change this weekend.

Not sure any of you know, but I was at HQ the weekend before the 5/20 changes as Flickr had invited me out to check out the new UI. I have no swag to give away, but I have some they gave me I can bring. =o)

What if I buy All some donuts? I'll do that.
Pacdog PRO 4 years ago
By the way I'm not sure this has been posted to the Orlando or Central Florida groups, but I'll go look and post there if it has not been posted.
Pacdog PRO 4 years ago
It has been posted to both groups, but they both are not real active..

Let's do this.. We need time and place to meet. If just 3 of Us it will still be fun!!

Let's hope more..
ahh.photo PRO 4 years ago
Ok everyone, we're doing our photowalk in downtown Orlando. Keep yourself hydrated and wear comfortable shoes.

Date: Sunday, May 4th
Time: 2:00pm
Place: 538 E Washington St, Orlando, FL 32803
This is the on the corner of E. Washington Street & Eola Drive. It's the open grass area between Lake Eola & the Farmers Market. Parking meters are free on Sundays too.

Call/text if you have questions or need help finding your way through downtown Orlando.


Remember to tag your posts and photos with #Flickr10Photowalk
Pacdog PRO 4 years ago
Woot! I'll be there! =o)~
jamalfanaian PRO 4 years ago
Yay, thanks for setting this up. We will definitely be there :)... And donuts sound fun! I have some Flickr stickers and pins to give away.

And glad to be seeing you there . I do remember you from the 5/20 launch :). See you tomorrow!
jamalfanaian PRO 4 years ago
We are going to start walking around the park, just text Ahmed or muself.

Number: 415-205-4157
Pacdog PRO 4 years ago
Sorry guys I could not make it. Had a emergency. Hope you all had fun..
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