James Sharpe 11:25am, 29 August 2005
Any suggestions? I don't want to join with Yahoo, if I'd have known this was going to happen I would have never joined Flickr in the first place.
There is many sites about the photography, but all of them can't be compared with flickr. But if You want to show Your photos and to get some good/bad words, You can go to usefilm.com, photoforum.ru etc.
kaokun 11 years ago
deviantART has a good photography section, although the point of that site is for arty photos rather than just every day "this is my cat" photos :P
James Sharpe 11 years ago
Will people actually leave Flickr when this Yahoo enforcement happens?
vanz 11 years ago
I'd say, as best alternative, Google's Hello + Picasa, though I am not sure to what extent they're comparable as a service. Flickr has definitely become the standard,at leasdt at the moment.
And at Google they have this bad habit of not compiling software for Mac or Linux.
evernever 11 years ago
I think picasa and hello can't really be compared, it's more like an im client for photos. Anyway, it's not true that google does no software for mac or linux, just obviously they do windows first because still the majority of people use that as a desktop system. I don't think devianArt counts either. Like mentioned it's more strictly for art then flickr and it's far too bloated, slow, ad loaded.
Have still to check out the other ones. But still so far flickrs strength has been its interoperability I think, and that's sth. not many or even no other photo sharing sites offer.
So, any volunteer coders for an alternative? Some server to spare?
mattek 11 years ago
Im definatly leaving flickr when it becomes a Yahoo service. Right now I've started to use Picasa+Hello+Blogger. I can post pictures on my blog directly from Picsa. Super neat.
I'm sure that google will launch a an allout photoservice sooner or later. Hopefully before xmas.
Punsalan 11 years ago
Slide may be an option worth considering. I haven't looked into it much, I just happened to read a review about it.

I'm not promoting anything, I'm just throwing it out. I'm kind of disappointed by the plans for Yahoo enforcement. I guess it's only natural when takeovers happen.
evernever 11 years ago
mmh, as I see it this slide thing is not really comparable to flickr, for one thing being a standalone application and being windows only.
evernever 11 years ago
usefilm.com doesn't seem to be well thought through/well coded.
photoforum.ru looks quite good, although performance and usability probably lack certain things, compared to flickr.
Punsalan 11 years ago
I just tried Slide right now.. and just deleted it lol. It's slow and has too much eye candy. Flickr has the best interface for photosharing.

OSX support for Slide is on the way though. I agree though, it's not really comparable to Flickr in that a desktop client is required. Defeats the purpose of being able to view / share photos from any computer.
dhughes 11 years ago
Some way of using Google Video Search with a static picture perhaps?
Dadder-Shawn 11 years ago
I currently use a photosharing and moblogging website called Textamerica.com, they where focused more on moblogging but have recently took up photosharing and allowing alot more things with your photos. I would check them out

© Verbal PRO 11 years ago
Might want to look at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_sharing for a possible list of alternatives.

www.buzznet.com/ seems interesting. I haven't tried it yet though.
generalbastard 11 years ago
chughtai 11 years ago
striatic PRO 11 years ago
clorenz41 11 years ago
freedryk PRO 11 years ago
www.smugmug.com, but it's expensive.
Punsalan 11 years ago
Smugmug looks like the only alternative I'd consider. I'm not too keen on having to download a dedicated application in order to use a service. Pbase looks a little rought. I guess we're all spoiled with the simplicity and beauty of Flickr. Nothing seems up to par.
evernever 11 years ago
smugmug is out just for using comic sans on their front page. Textamerica is americans only, isn't it?

Awesome site - Free storage up to 25Mb. Up to 1Gb for premium users. Check it out.
viewdew 11 years ago

It uses a system very similar to Flickr.
aidanno 11 years ago
I've been using a product called PiXPO for awhile. It's not web-based, but it's brilliant for sharing photos, and it supports video too. From what I've seen so far, it's easy-to-use and it's free...
Trumpetcom.com [deleted] 11 years ago

If you are serious about photography... I think nothing comes close to www.smugmug.com, BUT it will cost you.

Smugmug's community is more geared to professional photographers or photography amateurs who love to take pictures, share them and even sell them for profit. Not your regular friends hanging out crowd.

Still, you can have private photos, tags, geo-google tags, print-outs, and just about any option I can think of. Recommended.

Another option is Kodak's Ofoto, now renamed www.kodakgallery.com, is a free and reliable system, although it is much more basic than Flickr or Smugmug, it has a nice community and good quality service.

I still think Flickr will get even better... if they don't, Hey I already have a smugmug account at Trumpetcom.Smugmug.com so no sweat.

I hope Yahoo backtracks and makes the Yahoo ID thing OPTIONAL in the end.


Jose Luis.
Trumpetcom.com [deleted] 11 years ago

Sorry, coded my own link wrong, here is the right one:


Jose Luis.
Ahmer Hussain 11 years ago

looks like a pretty good alternative but it is now owned by HP

Shutter Book looks really good but seems a little slow...
webmickey 11 years ago
What's the big deal? Who cares if Yahoo now runs Flickr? It (flickr) is still a great site.
Slipping Away PRO 11 years ago
I love flickr and the way it's designed. But Yahoo! might want to "spice" things up by adding ADVERTISING in all free pages. Personally, one of the things that made me buy a Pro account here is the clean interface, but I suspect that is over with Yahoo getting their claws in here.
Baldy PRO 11 years ago
Here's some blog entries about alternatives:

tinyurl.com/87dcz (last paragraph)
Will Curran PRO 11 years ago
Wow! Such a panic over speculation on what is going to happen once Yahoo gets their "claws in here".
I really like www.Fotki.com They've even started using tags.
Although I share some of my photos here, and I like the way of blogging photos using flickr, I store all my photos at Fotki. They have a nice folder/album layout, it's easy to use, and they have many ways to upload images.

And this is what I REALLY like:
From their terms of service:
"Fotki and FOTKI, INC. claim no ownership rights in the content you place on your Fotki albums. We will not use Member's images for marketing purposes or any other purposes without obtaining the Member's express permission."

Considering what Yahoo did years ago when it took over geocities...
... I worry about this Yahoo conversion a lot.
arkworld 11 years ago
i have a fotki account. don't bother. fotki sucks compared to flickr.

everyone who is considering jumping ship, why not wait til the whole yahoo account signup is forced and if it sux, then leave. all this speculation is a little premature. i don't think yahoo is going to do anything drastic if it means losing a lot of their customers.
kerenleaf 11 years ago
what do you think about myspace.com?!
arkworld 11 years ago
myspace isn't much of a photo gallery type site. it's more of a networking site like friendster...only more annoying IMHO. they do allow you to store some photos, but it's hardly a photo gallery/archive service.
digittell 11 years ago
i plan on moving everything over to smugmug. these guys are just peaking right now - i think they have improved their gallery design...and they just announced their new mapping technique. i refuse to be harassed even MORE by yahoo. i tried fotki, snapfish, and buzznet and they are ALL just tired... smugmug has won me over.
check it out:
epsylon 11 years ago
To: Arkworld. First off, I like Flickr a lot, secondly, I am one of the guys behind www.fotki.com.

It was a sad thing to read your comment above, but no offense is taken - just sad to read it. Would you please care to explain why you think Fotki sucks compared to Flickr? I can list 100 and 1 thing that it does uniquely well (without saying "Flickr sucks") - Fotki is mostly for photographers who take a lot of photos and have needs to organize, manage, print, sell them, etc. (By the way, we will soon have 1,000,000 members and there are over 50,000,000 photos hosted there.) Looking forward to hearing from you!
iphone000 11 years ago
Forget all those places..
Go to 23people.com and have all your photosharing needs met at once. Tagging comme Flickr, superfast upload, all the features you know from Flickr + new ones.

I converted from Flickr to 23 some time ago, and I'd never consider coming back.


Seriously, try it.
gingerbeardman 11 years ago
another vote for www.pbase.com here
HungryForester 11 years ago
23people.com seems to be one more clone of flickr. Is its community more smallest that flickr's one?
epsylon 11 years ago
(an honest disclaimer: I am Fotki.com's COO) - my favorite sites (including mine) :)) and in no particular order: are Flickr, Pbase, Fotki and DeviantArt (all mentioned already!) :) - they are all great sites: just different; LUCKILY, we are all different, so, let's explore and enjoy our differences rather than try to put anyone down - this world has enough shit already :)
qu4nm1n9 11 years ago
i use sony's imagestation.com.. it's not bad i think.. check it out..
Susan MacTavish 11 years ago
i also have accounts with shutterfly, ofoto and smugmug. i *love* smugmug. but it isn't free, i pay about $30 a month. and worth every penny. it's a control issue, i have total control over how i want to show off my pictures and play with them.
qu4nm1n9...correct me if im wrong, but don't you have to be logged on as a member to even view other ppl's pictures? at least that's the case every time i've tried to view someones imagestation gallery. if that's the case, i wouldnt even consider them.

epsylon...i'll address my fotki comments later as i'm about to head off to work.
恺弘 11 years ago
new nice hosting|sharing photo service:
15FeetOfPureWhiteSnow [deleted] 11 years ago
Here is a perfect alternative to you all:

Yahoo! Photos!!! photos.yahoo.com

Nah, just kidding.

It seems such a rash decision to look for another service, forget the the features, forget the speed forget the hope for anythign better, all because of an emotion-charged speculation that Y! will somehow make things unbearable for the plush bears... It's the way people react to everything these days, I feel...

I just realized something... There are 18 Million people with a Flickr account. Out of them, about 4 mill are active. Out of them about 1 mill actually posts better pictures than My Dog's Wedding. And not too many are participating in the "I am so unhappy, cause Yahoo has an Exclamation Mark in the Logo and too much money!!!" forums.

Sorry, but even the mediocre pictures I take sometimes deserve the best, not the Politically Cute. Flickr is the best right now, even if some 600 of Pro's are pissed at something that "Might've should've could've" happen. Too much drama about nothing is what this forum is about.

Let's be decent. The day the features are no longer here and your mailbox is piled with Spam - I'll be the first one to leave. But before I feel the heat, I will not be running around screamin "Fire! Fire!" if all I saw was a vapor of a fart.

Love your pics, all!
Blogeois [deleted]
As an ex-employee of a company Yahoo! bought out and slaughtered in the ensuing lay off of nearly everyone (something that is the norm with Y), I refuse to have anything to do with Yahoo! When I discovered Flickr was bought by Yahoo!, I was horrified and felt sorry for the Flickr employees they let go. I'll be deleting my photos and account asap from Flickr but I cannot, in good conscious, support the Y company. Don't know where I'm going yet but you can be sure it won't be any place that has anything to do with the Yahoo! tyrants.
bitterlysweet 11 years ago
ditto aayzenband.
i will not change my love away from flickr until yahoo make me getting mad here.
hey check out xtme.net/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=10

allows you to see pics instantly no download and no upload to a server just use your hard drive. Also, does video that way to instantly.

Send an email to xtme2005@gmail.com if you want to be a Beta Tester! we need as many as we can get !!
digitalpiracy 11 years ago
Likewise. No way in hell I'm going back to "log into Yahoo! so we can target you with ads and unwanted mail!"

I'll be deleting all my content and signing off before that happens. I'm sure new sites like this will emerge shortly due to the demand.
xtme2005 11 years ago
digitalpiracy I totally agree this is complete bogus on their part!
carlovona 11 years ago
www.vivafoto.it, try it's free and no yahoo
www.faces.com runs an advertising free service, with 2 gig of storage and a lot of features.

The purpose of this post is not to invite you to faces.com [although you are welcome] but to advertise a job opportunity!

We need an architect - we have loads of builders! If you can document a feature that faces.com doesn't have yet, and describe it in enough detail for our photoshopper to create it and then the engineers to make it work - we want to hear from you!

If you are interested in a paid position helping to develop faces.com then simply document one feature we don't have yet and enter it here!

oh - and obvously - the best submission gets the job!
arkworld 11 years ago
not that i plan on leaving flickr, but i might try faces.com. nice looking front door.

so jonau, since you work there, perhaps you can tell me what makes it "The World's #1 Photonetworking site"? :)
lantzilla 11 years ago
"The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!"

--Chicken Little
jksimpson Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jksimpson (member) 11 years ago
buzznet is okay, but reaaaaally slow, I think. I wouldn't want to use it the way I use flickr. became really pissed off with hello because one day, it just didn't work anymore. that's why I basically joined flickr. I hope the conditions for staying at flickr will be sufficient.
JonKernPA PRO 11 years ago
See my post on Storymill
johngalt6969 11 years ago
The best service I have used BY FAR is www.JussPress.com It is super simple to use (even my grandma uses it - and that is saying A LOT!) it automatically organizes for you, commenting is MUCH easier and the coolest part is they have VIDEO sharing free as well. My 2 cents!
jksimpson 11 years ago
I checked out both 23people and www.shutterbook.com
today. I think they're all o.k.. as is buzznet, as stated above. they still all lack all the congenial features of flickr, like flickrMail, slideshow, advanced tagging (shutterbook isn`t very advanced yet). in all honesty, I'd prefer buzznet.com, but as long as it doesn't get to annoying in the long run, I'd prefer yahooed flickr anytime. seriously. I've made my experiences with Y!groups over a few years and found it quite inconvenient at times, but still reliable in the long run. I don't say Yahoo is super, but wait and see...
jksimpson 11 years ago
does that make any sense?
digitalpiracy 11 years ago
oh God.. Y! groups

"please read this whole page of advertising before we'll allow you to read the messageboard posting you clicked on! Hey - you're our bitch!"

Those groups represent the worst of Yahoo.. well, the browser-search hijacker in the latest yahoo messenger isn't much better I suppose
Stuart L Ruffell PRO 11 years ago
i agree with digitalpiracy in that i think other photo sites will see a demand for a flickr-like service and fill that demand.

i have to reserve judgement tho' - let's see what happens. if Yahoo does ruin flickr, then that's the time to vote with your feet folks and go elsewhere. until then, let's all calm down, be patient and see how this all pans out.
styler* PRO 11 years ago
Blogeois [deleted] says:
"When I discovered Flickr was bought by Yahoo!, I was horrified and felt sorry for the Flickr employees they let go."

I thought flickr hired more people, not let people go?
Stewart PRO 11 years ago
No one got fired! And we have hired more people (and are hiring even more :)
styler* PRO 11 years ago
excellent, that's what i thought had happened
Thanks stewart for setting another record straight - you might have to become the resident DJ.
martin31 [deleted] 11 years ago
Did you see Panoramio.com, it´s similar to Smugmug Maps, but the interface is very different:

ignis Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ignis (member) 11 years ago
fotki is my favorite as of now. not only does it have hundreds of features that flickr users could have only dreamed about (and got ditched by the devs). fotki has the most awesome support out there.

I wanted to change my screen name (that means my personal address, login name, etc). no problem. ticked responded within one hour on sunday evening. I wanted to do the same here. after 3 days of bumping my own thread I was told that is impossible. go figure.

probably the only thing that fotki lacks is video support and community features such as what flickr has. groups, tag interaction and search, interestingness would seriously make fotki the best photo sharing service possible

after fotki probably goes smugmug because it has way more professional features.

ps: not to mention that both fotki and smumug get UPDATED WITH NEW FEATURES ONCE IN A WHILE. that is something we got screwed over here at flickr because after aquisition by yahoo flickr became tenfold worse. crap speed, lack of updates and ignorace from staff members. I wish I could get my money back.
styler* PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by styler* (member) 11 years ago
i assume you last paragraph of bitching referes to flickr not fokiti?

1. flickr does get new features
2. checked out fotiki, their lack of group features and ability to add notes made me sense that it's really a site for photos, not so much photo sharing community.
3. with flickr you can change everything except your personal URL
4. i've yet to come across an ignorant staff memeber at flickr, they are so very very helpful, have an expansive knolwedge of photography, all things interweb and are funny all at the same time.
ignis 11 years ago
yeah my bad, that was about flickr.

1. look in Ideas. a 350+ thread asking for subsets. and fotki implemented, for example, RSS and internationalization only after a few user requests.

2. that's true, community features lack, but that is why the staff are WORKING on it. they actually make some progress, updatating their blog with new feature aqnnouncements several times a month.

3. what exactly can you change? can you change the appearance of your photo page? is there a co-branding option? not to mention in fotki you can customise the appearance of each new album and folder.

4. in order to come across an ignorant staff member all you have to do is ask them to implement some new and useful feature. or ask them when subsets will be implemented. you should also check this thread out.
styler* PRO 11 years ago
I guess i'm a little confused, it's ok for staff at fotiki to be working on something, but not staff at flickr? I'd love to see what fotiki looked like back in 1999 a year after they began, i suspect it might not have been half as good as flickr.

Your inital comment was about changing a screen name - this you can do

didn't actually find any sign of ignorance in either of those threads, could you maybe be more specific?

but if changing URLs and appearance of your photo page is important, fotiki is probably your thing. I like flickr's community features so i'm looking for something like that.

23hq might be that, but it's security, and seach features leave a lot to be desired so i'll wait and see.
WebClam [deleted] 11 years ago
late entry.
but I have used webshots and loved it.
not as good as flickr, but still good.
some good apps there too.
FlyButtafly PRO 11 years ago
I used to like Webshots too... but I would say they don't hold a candle to flickr. BTW - the reason I used to like Webshots is because I can't use them anymore:

When you go to the Mac Download page, this is what you'll see -
Notice: Not compatible with Mac OS 10.3.4 or higher.

So if you can use it, it's cool for desktop photos or screensavers... but other than that, when I used it I found it pretty lacking.
furiousgreencloud Posted 11 years ago. Edited by furiousgreencloud (member) 11 years ago
altphotos or stock xchng (opensource)
© Verbal PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by © Verbal (member) 11 years ago
I tested the premium services for both fotki.com/ and smugmug.com/. I preferred Fotiki over Smugmug mainly because you can FTP your photos to the server! A big plus if you have a lot of albums. I found the password protection scheme a minus for both of them. It's not as simple as "Friends and/or Family" here on Flickr, and you can put security at the photo level.

I didn't like that fact that some of my 'private' albums on Smugmug were viewable by searching on Google. Weird huh?

At this point I'll probably stay with Flickr, though I'm always looking at alternatives.
rollenran 11 years ago

but I like Flikr
mirax33 6 years ago
Try www.bluemelon.com

It is good even with the free account and the features you get if you decide to pay are great.
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