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flexplore analyzes your favorites and people you share them with and tries to recommend photos you might like based on that.

The App page
You can upload photos to the group pool. I will be moderating the pool. The photos need to have a connection to Flexplore. Preferably photos where you can see a screen with the flexplore site. No pure screenshots!


  • Flexplore "Bug thread"

    Please post any bugs you find in Flexplore in this thread.

    Lars Pohlmann4 months ago33 replies

  • 'There are no photos'

    I do love Flexplore, and so glad you are back, but... Every time I log in, I ...

    sixbysixtasy4 months ago3 replies

  • flickr authorization failing

    i've been away a few weeks so not sure how long this might be going on but when...

    beetabonk25 months ago1 replies

  • Small bug

    There is an alert window constantly popping up with the string 'init' for each t...

    nuno_cruz25 months ago3 replies

  • Check out the new "stream" feature

    These are the latest favorites of your neighbors. You can even subcribe to the f...

    Lars Pohlmann25 months ago0 replies

  • Flexplore is back!

    Hello, Flexplore is back! It's still a little rough around the edges, but I f...

    Lars Pohlmann31 months ago31 replies

  • Similar Photos

    So, my server logs are telling me, you are not really using the feature "Similar...

    Lars Pohlmann33 months ago2 replies

  • Google Ads. Go or no go?

    Hi folks, what's your opinion about putting some Google Ads on the right side...

    Lars Pohlmann33 months ago7 replies

  • Help me promote Flexplore.

    Hey guys. If you want to help me to promote Flexplore, use the "comment" feat...

    Lars Pohlmann33 months ago1 replies

  • New Feature: Mail notifications

    Hi everyone, this is still very, very beta. I will polish it tomorrow. But...

    Lars Pohlmann33 months ago0 replies

  • New/Better Algorithm

    Hi folks, I tweaked the algorithm. The results are much better now (at least ...

    Lars Pohlmann33 months ago6 replies

  • New feature "Similar Photos"

    "Similar Photos" are photos which are faved by the same people who faved this ph...

    Lars Pohlmann33 months ago3 replies

  • i miss flexplore very much :(

    it was my favorite game...

    mariczka33 months ago4 replies

  • Oh, you are all so crazy...

    Sorry folks for the long waiting list. Flexplore was mentioned on Petapixel a...

    Lars Pohlmann34 months ago0 replies

  • flexplore is coming back soon...

    stay tuned.

    Lars Pohlmann34 months ago1 replies

  • An important request to the users

    Hi guys and girls, please only request the calculation of your OWN flexplore....

    Lars Pohlmann41 months ago13 replies

  • Is the site down?

    Calculation of flexplore for this user has been requested 0 Minutes ago. Numb...

    teh resa49 months ago11 replies

  • New Location

    Hi, flexplore is now available at:

    Lars Pohlmann56 months ago6 replies

  • Why the change?

    I've used Flexplore on and off for a very long time but hadn't checked in for a ...

    Damien Franco60 months ago2 replies

  • Is something stuck somewhere?

    Number 44 in queue It will be finished in approx 853 minutes. Is this a sudd...

    Arcady Genkin61 months ago0 replies

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