bcymet 2:37am, 15 August 2008
Use this thread to post any websites or tips/tricks that you have for flash portraits.

To start things off I use alot.
I use strobist as well... but I also experiment with different things. once you know how light works there is no limit to creativity.. I also use others' work as inspiration.
mlp.utah 10 years ago
Another great site is they have a group on flicker called These are some of my favorites including Strobist!
DPoem Posted 10 years ago. Edited by DPoem (member) 10 years ago
I just built a DIY beauty dish today.

My new beauty dish.

It's super cheap, and it works great (little tricky cutting the holes, but not too rough). I used this guy's technique:

So, if you want to soften your lighting and save yourself a bunch of money, this is a great alternative to the hundred dollar dishes out there.
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