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Group Description

Welcome to the The Five Obstructions Photo Challenge

This group is based on the idea presented in the documentary "The Five Obstructions"

The idea is to challenge creativity, open mind to possibilities, improve and push photography skills, and above all: Having fun and meet and get to know your fellow group members.

Here's the idea (as translated from film medium to photography. I will not talk about the original film since you can google it or read about on Wikipedia): Can you re-create a photo that you have already done in the past but with certain specific restrictions or different interpretation presented to you as a challenge by somebody else?? Can you do this 5 different times with 5 different obstructions?? A challenge like that would hopefully open your eyes to possibilities that you did not consider and hopefully push you to try new things.

The idea of "recreating" a photo is not meant to be 100 % literal. You are basically recreation the "spirit/idea" of the photo and not the exact same elements, which I think make for a more interesting product. Also, the 5 obstructions are meant to be presented one a time and not all together. This should give the person doing the challenge enough time to think about his creation.

Beyond the actual challenge, I hope that we will all learn from each other so I hope everybody will be active in the discussion and with every new photo the person will explain (even if with a short description) his/her process, what were the difficulties and how did he/she overcame them (or not.... this is meant to be fun, not torture).


1) Members who are ready to challenge/be challenged will come forward. You can do that by signing up in the open challenge thread or emailing me. For the time being, since the group is new and we are testing this, You can state if you would like to only accept a challenge, present a challenge, or both (this could change in the future).

2) Each will be paired with a partners (of course, rules 1&2 are shamelessly stolen from "get pushed" group).

3) the challenger will go through the photo stream of his/her partner and pick a photo. This could be a favorite or a photo they find interesting and have potential (whatever their reason might be).

4) The challenger will ask the partner to "recreate" the chosen photo but with a specific obstruction(s). You can (and should) be as creative in choosing the obstruction as you want. Simple examples that come to mind are: different (specific) lighting conditions, different location, camera phone for something originally taken with DSLR... etc. The obstructions should be presented one at a time.

5) Once the challenge is met, the person should explain their process in whatever way they want.

6) The challenger should also add his opinion and critique and if they think that the challenge is met or not.

7) originally, the idea is that the challenger will present the next obstruction (up to 5) but for the sake of flexibility, I suggest the following (and ask for your opinion) By mutual agreement between the partners, the challenger could present his next challenge or, partners will switch roles in turn or, the challenger could choose (with agreement with their partner) to pass the challenge to somebody else (maybe opening the door to more creativity).

8) keeping with the idea that it should be fun, the person challenged could ask for a break

9) I have not thought of a time limit to meet the challenge. I think a week to 10 days is reasonable but I will leave this more or less open to members.

10) The original chosen photo and the challenge results should be added and titled appropriately. I think it should be ok to add outtakes for now since the group is still small.
Please start a new thread for each new photo challenged (not each obstruction). The thread starts with the original photo and the first Obstruction. All results and following obstructions and any discussions should be on that same thread.

Remember to have fun. And send me your ideas and suggestions to keep improving this group.

Additional Info

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  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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