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Hi again everyone!

This weeks Featured Photographer comes from Germany. Let me introduce Patrick Neumann . Patrick is an inspiring and talented photographer, I know his best for his wonderfully creative images which are so full of emotion and beautiful lighting, please take a look at his excellent photostream , I know you'll love what you find.

Here are five of Patrick's favourites:

1) This shot of the three dolphins I love so much cause it remembers me of my most exciting experiences underwater. It was taken in the Red Sea in Eilat/Israel whilest the Epson Red Sea Shootout 2008.

2) I love nudibranches. And I love to shoot them. They are one of my favorite subjects in Maco Underwater Photography. I always try to shoot them in a “moving” way which isn’t easy as they move slowly. I have plenty of favorite Nudi shots, this is one of them. It’s a Hypselodoris kaname and I shoot it in Anilao, Philippines in 2009.

Nudi racing in Anilao

3) here my nickname comes from. I worked for two years as an scuba instructor at the Similan Islands/Thailand .. Most of the time when I saw Mantas I had no Camera with me. This time I had. We had a 60min Mantadance with 3 different Mantas. They are truly the elbs of the ocean and for me the most magical animals I met underwater ever. The shot was taken at Koh Bon in February 2009.

Cruising above me

4) That’s where it started … At the 1th of march 2006 I dove after 25 years of diving without the first time with a camera .. it was a Reefmaster DC 500 with a wide angle converter and one external strobe. Everything was automatic that’s why I sold it after the second trip with this camera. This shot was taken at Richilieu Rock at the first dive of this Liveaboard trip.

5) This shot I took also whilest the Epson Red Sea Shootout in Eilat/Israel in 2008. Another shot of this peppered moray went on the cover of the Competition book of the competition.

honourable mention at Our World Underwater 2009

And then it was onto the questions...

1: How long have you been involved in u/w photography?

I started underwater photography in march 2006. I dove already since 25 years without a camera at this time but diving got a kind of boring without doing something underwater so I bought a Reefmaster DC 500 and tried it. I loved it from the first shot on and the love is still growing with every image. So its in total little bit more than 3 years now.

2: Equipment you use?

I use a Canon 400D in a Hugyfot housing with two Inon strobes. For lenses I use the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye and Canon lenses 60mm macro, 100mm macro, 18-55mm. I don t plan to upgrade.

3: Which software do you use?

Photoshop CS3.

4: Where have you been? Which dive site is your favorite? Do you have any resort/dive guide recommendation? Where is your favorite?

Ohh .. many places. Almost everywhere in Europe, but at this time without camera. The Red Sea (north & south), Florida Keys, Burma/Mergui Archipel, Philippines/Anilao, Milne Bay/Papua New Guinea, in Thailand many places as I worked there as a diving instructor the last two years.

My favorite dive site … also many .. Anilao in the Philippines is surely one of the best macro spots worldwide and in Thailand I love Richilieu Rock. There are so many cracks with great macro subjects, swarms of fishs, barakudas and you have always the chance to see something really big like a whaleshark or Manta Rays. If you go to Anilao I would recommend Club Ocellaris, if u
go to the Similan Islands Aladdin.

The next time I go diving will be in November to the Epson Red Sea Shootout 2009 in Eilat, Israel.

5: What inspires you ?

First of all inspires me what you call holy Spirit, God, Allah or Buddha and good vibrations with good people. Photography wise looking at pictures gives a lot inspiration.

6. Who is your favorite underwater photographer?

Oh there are many amazing underwater photographers out there & also here in the FINS group. In the Philippines I met Dr.Roger Steene and stayed with him a week in the resort and dove with him. That was amazing !!!

7.Do you have any book/website/blog recommendation to our members?

The Underwater Photographer/Martin Edge is a great book.

8: Preferred subject matter? How to get better u/w photos? ( share your skills or advice)

I love to shoot Nudibranches! And currently I love to shoot wideangle. For better u/w photos go close. If you think you are close go closer ;-) Try to be on the same level like your subject or even lower.

9: Name one thing you haven't caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture?

Humpback whales I really really want to see and photograph..

10: In one word, describe your photography.


We hope you enjoy Patrick's wonderful photos. It would be great if you
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again I urge you to visit his photostream . I know you won't be disappointed!


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JennyHuang 12 years ago
Congratulations Patrick!!! Beautiful works here!!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Keep up great works!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
oceangrant 12 years ago
Excellent & creative underwater photography! Thanks for your photos & thoughts Patrick! I love the way you captured the spirit of the dolphins!
Digidiverdave 12 years ago
Congratulations Patrick - excellent revue ....
JimC_1946 12 years ago
It has been my privilege to know Patrick on other forums for the past three years. One of the top underwater photographers in the world, he's also a very nice fellow.

I'm very happy to see him recognized on FiNS!
Gary Ramey 12 years ago
Patrick - I've really enjoyed your shots and hope to see many more. You are a truly gifted underwater photographer
Patrick_Neumann 12 years ago
Thank you so much guys :)

Thanks Jenny, Carol, Dave & Gary!!!

And thank you Jim for the pleasure of knowing u since all the time i am doing uw photography now :-)

I am very proud to be the FINS featured photographer :-)))

love & respect
digidiverdeb 12 years ago
Congrats Patrick, I really admire your work and always look forward to seeing more of it!
Thanks for sharing Patrick. Love the images!
Patrick_Neumann 12 years ago
Thank you Debbie & Tony :-)
Geoff Spiby 12 years ago
Great images Patrick. You have come a long way in just 3 years. Keep it up
Lea's UW Photography 12 years ago
Congrats, Patrick!
Well deserved for a very talented photographer like you.
Keep up the great work!
edpdiver 12 years ago
These are fantastic photos, and representative of a lot more that you have, too. Congratulations!
Brian Mayes 12 years ago
Well done Patrick. It's both a pleasure to know you and see your shots.
Mike Hohman 12 years ago
Love the Q&A, and your images are wonderful...Hope to see you again soon!
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