lancekingphoto PRO 7:48pm, 27 September 2014
Maybe I was just lucky, but I just shot and processed my first roll of Svema Color 125 from the FPP this weekend, using the Unicolor kit. I was really impressed.

Not only was the color palette pleasing and slightly unconventional (but easily adjusted to more "normal" colors using PS Autocolor, if desired), but of the several rolls I processed, the Svema was the only one that suffered virtually no water spots. Again, this could be dumb luck, or maybe there's something unique about the emulsion that sheds water more readily.

The Svema also scanned like a dream. Needless to say, I'm planning to shoot more of this stuff soon. Just ordered 3 rolls from the FPP store.
Yes! This film really does deserve its own thread!

I know it has become a REAL favorite of Leslie Lazenby and Mark Dalzell over the last few months!

I haven't souped my own yet but this thread will nudge me to shoot a roll!

The film is in the FPP On-Line Store

When I'm Five
above: The FPP Birthday Cake at The FPP Walking Workshop 2014 - Shot on Svema Color 125
John G Meadows PRO 4 years ago
I've been enjoying it. I love how flat and easy to scan the Svema emulsions are!
Al Mullen 4 years ago
I have shot a roll of it. I do see the greenish tint in some shots. In full sun it has a lot of color:
I don't develop my own film so I can't speak to that.
matt_mangham 4 years ago
Just finished shooting my first roll today…excited to see the results!
Leslie Lazenby PRO 4 years ago
The Svema color is a wonderful addition to the Svema family. They are all awesome.
Tri-X, Pizza and Fargo on Svema by Leslie Lazenby
Pictures from the Ghost Garden PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Pictures from the Ghost Garden (member) 4 years ago
I rather like the “different” colour of the Svema 125 and tend therefore not to adjust it as that, to me at least, would rather seem to negate the point o using it. I have a couple of rolls left and plan to use them in my Russian cameras during “Red Oktober”. I will be ordering some more.

Hachi Gatsu 4 years ago
I say they should call the redscale version of Svema 125 "Red Oktober". Then at the next FPP gathering, hide a bunch of rolls and have the first annual "Hunt for 'Red Oktober' Film Find". Clues would be given to those who quote lines from the movie in their best Sean Connery voice.

Just a thought.
inetjoker PRO 4 years ago
They would have to pay you and me Hachi Gatsu if they did name it that. :-)
Hachi Gatsu 4 years ago

I'd happily take film as a replacement of currency.
inetjoker PRO 4 years ago
So true. :D
fanatical approval [deleted] 4 years ago
I love this film! It feels like it's 1990 all over again. But who is actually making it? I had always heard the Svema factory was shut down and the equipment dismantled sometime in the late '90s.

MattA74 PRO 4 years ago

The Svema factory was officially dissolved as of 2006.They started to lose quite a bit of business in the 1990's due to the collapse of the former Soviet Union and with the availability of Kodak,Fuji,etc..They stopped making photographic products in 2000.Lucky for us a company by the name of Astrum Ltd. started to make those products again starting in 2005.If you go to the website they actually list a color positive film among many others.Heres a link to them:
inetjoker PRO 4 years ago
Anyone catch this part. Panatomic-X made by them?
MattA74 PRO 4 years ago

Yeah I seen that apparently they had some type of partnership with Kodak.The website is pretty hard to navigate so much as availability of stock or price.The color aerial films also look interesting.
inetjoker PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by inetjoker (member) 4 years ago
Time to get our Russian and Ukrainian speaking members on this I feel. Oh Leslie.......
fanatical approval [deleted] 4 years ago
I shot another roll of the Svema 125 over the weekend. Did I mention how much I like this film? Probably not much use to shoot it over the winter, the only color here is gray, but it's a nice looking film for the rest of the year. Thanks to the FPP for making it available.

Hachi Gatsu 4 years ago
Got a bonus roll of this film in my latest FPP order. Looking forward to giving it a try!
lancekingphoto PRO 4 years ago
I shot and home-processed another roll last weekend, and I have to say I was just as impressed the second time. I love the look, and the film dries perfectly flat - not to mention it scans beautifully. I'll definitely be hitting up the FPP store again as soon as I use up the next two rolls in my fridge!

Because it has no edge markings, I love this film for re-rolling onto 120 and 620 spools for my MF cameras. The first frame or two often has some light spoilage along the sprocket holes, but I kinda like the effect.

This image was Svema 125 (in 35mm), loaded onto 120 and exposed in a USC Auto-Forty
20160703 35mm in Auto 40 test-8378 by Raptor Photo Portfolio
NedElliott 1 year ago
NedElliott 1 year ago
sunnyjim333 1 year ago
Greetings All,
I purchased a 100 foot roll of the SVEMA color 125. I have shot it at 125 and 60 asa. At first thought I loaded my cassettes backwards because my films were very red. I turned a roll around and the images were REALLY red. I have been using FPP c-41 home kits. I have used 2 different kits with the same results. My KODAK film has been coming out normal, so it is not the chemistry. Any ideas on how I can get a "normal" SVEMA color palette? Thanks
Make Beautiful Pictures.
Hachi Gatsu 1 year ago
sunnyjim333: from what I see, your photos look like they're redscale to me. Anyone else?
sunnyjim333 Posted 1 year ago. Edited by sunnyjim333 (member) 1 year ago
Hi, Thank you for the input. Is that just the nature of this film?
Be well.
fanatical approval [deleted] 1 year ago
Is that just the nature of this film?

Absolutely not.
inetjoker PRO Posted 1 year ago. Edited by inetjoker (member) 1 year ago
I think the scanner is being fooled. Did you try different scanner profiles and any post processing? Could you please show us a clear shot of the negatives? Maybe we can see something from that.
sunnyjim333 1 year ago
Thanks, I had not thought of that.
fanatical approval [deleted] 1 year ago
Although not commented on, I have noticed that the first few frames tend to be a bit reddish from light piping through the film, which gives a reddish cast to the affected frames. It's also noticeable around the sprocket holes usually until frame 10 or so. If a film canister was sitting around in daylight, particularly if the felt light traps were worn, maybe more frames are affected?
Joe_R PRO 5 months ago
I just shot my first roll of the Svema Color 125. Everything was shot outside in the snow, so I set my EV to +2 on my Canon Elan 7. I probably should have gone another 1/3 stop up, but definitely happy with this film.

The Weight of Coldness

NedElliott Posted 5 months ago. Edited by NedElliott (member) 5 months ago
n0core 4 months ago
I shot my first roll of Astrum Color Film. In my opinion the colors are really different from the western taste and I love it!
I also had some color variations, especially around the sprocket holes on the first ten frames.

I shot and developed the ISO 125 film @ISO 200.
Please take a look:
bloewy PRO Posted 4 months ago. Edited by bloewy (member) 4 months ago
I liked the Svema 125 color's subtle color
MCFair_2014_Svema_R4_116 by bloewy
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