metró 9:54am, 5 September 2012
Télégramme Magazine - Issue Four is out now

Télégramme Magazine - Issue 4 Autumn 2012 Out Now by metró

Some of you may remember this (a few of you may even be in it!). Télégramme Magazine is six monthly issued digital and print magazine predominantly featuring analog photographers. It's a showcase magazine so there are no adverts or technique guides, it's purely for the love of photos. Considering the group subject I thought some of you might enjoy having a flip through it :)

If you ever want to submit a photo or a showcase for it, please get in touch, I love spending hours trawling through Flickr but there are so many amazing shots out there, I can only catch a fragment on my own :)

(apologies if you see this more than once, I've posted it in a few analog film groups)
Nams82 5 years ago
Cool stuff, just wish you could download these as PDFs.
metró 5 years ago
I didn't make that option available because I obviously don't own the copyright to any of the photos and I felt a bit uncomfortable making it available to download. I wasn't really sure what benefit it would have for people, either :) Can you tell me why you'd like a downloadable copy? I'm intrigued!
Austin Beeman PRO 5 years ago
Nice magazine. I enjoyed the photos.
metró 5 years ago
Thanks, Beemantv! :)
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