Ben - 8:31pm, 20 August 2008
...piss me off. Anyone else get annoyed when someone puts a a border like from a silver print or a negative edge on their digital pictures? You see this frequently with crappy spot color photos especially.
louisclub PRO 9 years ago
yeah it sucks. a part of the whole "let edit the hell of our photo because they look like crap anyway".

that and fake polaroid borders. fake polaroid are less anoying, because polaroid is expensive, and i understand not everybody want to spend money in that.

but to fake 35mm borders is so annoying. when i see this i can't help but say to myself what a bad photographer, he's trying to sell himself by faking he's using film. he must have tried everything else to comes that low
Chad Simcox 9 years ago
ehh whatever. if it makes the final image better then I'm for it.
ruddyroye 9 years ago
Guys I am an avid film user, love my 8x10 and 4x5 work, but ever since editors started demanding digital work, I have asked myself how can I fuse the two. How can I make this work for me. I find that sometimes borders help to give me some satisfaction in this area. Believe me there are some of use who just do it to create that film feeling on the inside and not so much to embellish the image. Personally I do it because I would like to think that if the image was say a type 55 polaroid this is what it would look like. I have not done any of this yet but recently I have really contemplating making some borders for my digital images.
infamousinuits [deleted] 9 years ago
I use film and digital. its ok to do both!
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
I (jokingly) called someone out at work for putting a 35mm border on a vintage image of a racecar that was obviously taken by a speed graphic due to the amount of ovalling of the wheel.

I don't think they got it, and probably think I'm a little bit crazier now.
mymamiya1 9 years ago
I agree, but I do like my simple B&W edge borders.
bDe gNas 9 years ago
I always leave borders on my photos. I like them and don't care what others think. Photography (film or digital) is for photographers not fashionistas. I especially like it when I can see the film name/number on the border.
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
I escpeically like it when I can read the film name/number on the broder, and know for afact they were faked. I believe at the end Dave Attell's old show Insomniac, when they showed the collection of color photos he took that night on his disposable camera, they always used the film branding for Tri-X on the edge. Whoops! Fine for a comedy show, but I second guess fine artists who don't do as much fact checking.

Its kind of like being pitched that you are being sold 100% hand tool created amish funiture, and when you look at the ends of the wood, you can see the perfect sawmarks of electic tools.
louisclub PRO 9 years ago
leaving borders on negative is fine. because its a matter of crop (crop the entire strip if you want)

but ADDING fake border sucks.

but who cares, nobody does that anyway
[kren] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by [kren] (member) 9 years ago
Leaving borders and film numbers is very prententious anyway. What counts for me, is not what you shoot with but what you shoot. Leaving the borders on is meant to focus the attention to the medium.
FedericoMP 9 years ago
More on the line of Sjixxxy, I've seen positives with a TMX border.
.kws. 9 years ago
I've seen fake Type 55 borders on colour photos. Pretty ridiculous looking.
shaxmd 9 years ago
It's all an artifact anyways, folks. People get so upset over fake borders, but then no one blinks an eye at how you scan a negative changes the way the image appears electronicaly. There is no inherent "truthiness" to an image, so what's the difference if it has fake borders, real borders, or no borders? I don't think one makes the image any more "real" or "honest" than another.
louisclub PRO 9 years ago
yeah there is no truth in scanned negative, only how you want it to appear. but there is no point of shooting TRI-X, and changing the borders to a TMY (t-max i think) only because tmax is a finer grain film.

nor it makes sense to shoot 35mm and add large format border to fake it. or shoot DIGITAL and fake the film border, to make it looks cool because film is supositively 'cooler'. anyway, i've never seen that really. the only time it was super obvious and was for commercial ad (then its okay, a guy has to pay the bills)
~Joe~ 9 years ago
somnium! 9 years ago
those borders are silly
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