Grumpy Old Tina 1960 PRO 10:50am, 16 January 2010
Just wanted to check whether the posting rules had changed and I hadn't noticed.....
Michael Wakslicht PRO 7 years ago
Seems to be no administrator is filtering out anything.
ngoforth 7 years ago
I wouldn't mind the color personally (_Blade Runner_ is a beautiful neo-noir film) but there are quite a few that don't come anywhere close to the theme. Out-of-focus pictures of dandelions?
Anne Clements 5 years ago
I agree with you both. Why are people posting irrelevant photos that have nothing to do with 'Film Noir' into this group???
Ed.J1 5 years ago
Screen Deb:

maybe people don't actually know what Film Noir is and just assume the pictures have to be taken on film or something? 5 years ago
Film Noir is also possible in color. It's just what you expect. Film Noir as a result of Black and White in hard contrast with a lot of hard light and shadows. Or the story itself... the femme fatale, good guy, anti-hero, crime, money, city etc. Maybe the combination is the best and of course there are many beautiful neo-noir en tech-noir movies and images.... Hopefully many people post pictures in this combination, not just plane black and white
MORTradio 4 years ago

Another hilarious "Film Noir" group....

Just submit whatever pics you want to....fuck the theme. The moderator is asleep at the wheel, or dead (I might have even embalmed him)

This is my favorite Film Noir shot from the picture pool. The bastard simply took a picture of a movie screen that was showing a black and white film....That's pretty fucking sad, but I had to laugh....
aback account [deleted] 4 years ago
^^just checked that link, so the guy takes a photo of the TV and gets 1485 views.....what has the world come too.!
Loved studying Film Noir in film school. I think when we strip out the color it helps us focus on the mystery of the portrait. I'm not against color by the way. I also feel that a lot of people don't understand black and white photography. You can't just decide to make a photo black and white after you take it. I think you have to go into it shooting black and white.
I think that some color work certainly does qualify for the term "noir" but much of the photography here color and B&W really doesn't...
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