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Ollie girl ADMIN October 12, 2012
Contests suspended for now.

Big birdie hugs and THANK YOU ALL for the beautiful photos and the beautiful friendships that were grown here.

Group Description

** When leaving a comment, please copy and paste one of these codes -

<a href="">Seen in Feathery Friday</a>


<a href="">Happy Feathery Friday</a>

Invite Code: ★

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What a great bird shot-You are invited to join us at <a href="">Feathery Friday</a>
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Feathery Friday!  (Post 1, Comment 1, tag 1). Get yours at

** Random Feathery Photos **

** Feathery Friday's Winners Hall of Fame 1. **

** Feathery Friday's Winners Hall of Fame 2. **

** Feathery Friday's Winners Hall of Fame 3. **

** Feathery Friday's Winners Hall of Fame 4. **

** Feathery Friday's Winners Hall of Fame 5. **

** Feathery Friday's Winners Hall of Fame 6. **

** FF's Winners Slideshow. **

1. One Photo per day Only Live Birds! (no microwave ovens, etc.)
2. Please, comment on at least one photo. (Not a rule, just a request.)
3. Please tag "FeatheryFriday.

When is it Feathery Friday?

Well, we've gone "FIRST MONDAY!" Instead of having a contest and theme every single week... we're gonna do it on the First Monday of every month.

On that FIRST MONDAY!will have a contest bragging thread with a theme. Friday night or Saturday, there will be a voting thread where you can vote for your favorite photo of the themed week. (: You have MORE time because we'll leave the BRAGGING thread open for several days... and you can post more pictures, if you want to.

We love Feathery Friday and although we don't have time for every single week... we're gonna stand strong with one big contest on every FIRST Monday!

Happy Feathery Friday! (First Mondays)

~Bragging Thread archives.~ ~How to post an image to a discussion thread.~

Group Rules

Basically we HATE rules on Feathery Friday, but we needed a couple:

1. Only pictures of living birds allowed. (no toasters)
2. We only allow one (1) photo per day in the pool and that same photo can be uploaded to the bragging thread. If it's not in the pool after the start bird, it isn't allowed in the bragging thread.

1. Comment on at least one (1) photo when you upload your photo. You know, just wish someone else a Happy Feathery Friday.
2. Add a tag of "FeatheryFriday" to your pictures.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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