EJMphoto PRO 5:32pm, 18 September 2010
Post your photos with 3+ awards from Feathers+Beaks=Birds for a chance to reach 5+ awards.

Please take a moment to COMMENT on at least one other photo in this thread.

Photos will be removed after they reach 5+ awards.
If you collect 5+ comments please post here: 5+ Comments Thread

I saw this amazing shot in

~Thank you for sharing!

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EJMphoto PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by EJMphoto (admin) 2 years ago

This thread CLOSED due to lack of interest from the group.


Too few people were using this thread and of those that did, only about half took the time to comment on others photos. This resulted in photos sitting in here for months which was never the intention.

Thank you to those that DID comment and I hope everyone continues to enjoy the main group pool.

The 5+ thread will remain open.
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