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Chantal van der Ende-Appel ADMIN November 15, 2011
Thanks for all the therapeutic craziness, people! :-)

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Group Description

Tuesdays will never be the same!

Please have a look at the (very few) rules we've set.
Anything that the admin feels doesn't capture the spirit of the group will be removed.

We (and similar groups) have even made the media:
Viva, a Dutch magazine, June 2011 featuring me (Chantal), Erich Leeth and Nicola Bernardi.
Wonderful interview with Studio d'Xavier - this link doesn't seem to work anymore.
Great looking article on Hungarian photography site Spottr for which I (Chantal) was interviewed - this link doesn't seem to work anymore.
CNN June 2011 - an item called 'Face-down craze', I think the video has been removed.
Urban Muser blog.

Group Rules

Yay! Another convert? Welcome to the craziness!

There are some 'rules' though:

1. Please ONLY join this group if you intend to participate!
2. Photos must be taken on a Tuesday local time - it makes absolutely no sense at all but that's the fun of it, and it increases the 'community feel' of the group. Pictures not taken on a Tuesday will be booted;
3. Anomaly's key - we're all face-down in beds and on sofas at one point in our day or week, so please honor the craziness and go face-down where we don't expect you;
4. If the shot doesn't include your whole body it needs to be very clear that you're face-down;
5. Your whole body should be down - so no sitting, no on-hands-and-knees positions, etc.;
6. Let's keep it clean (overly explicit or creepy shots will be deleted);
7. The main subject must be a person - animals or props can of course accompany;
8. If your photo looks like you could have been seriously injured, we reserve the right to remove it. If you explain in your description or tags that the photo subject was not in danger due to safety measures or photoshopping, the photo can remain in the pool. We don't want FDT minions dying on our watch!


Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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