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Blair Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Blair Photography (member) 6 years ago

Sunset Kiss
Xindaan Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Xindaan (member) 6 years ago
Puffin, Ingolfshöfði, Iceland
kiketxo2 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by calamityjan2008 (member) 6 years ago
Lady in Red
Betty Jo ♥ 6 years ago

Edster951 6 years ago

Moon and Church

My first one voted a master.
djhinrich 6 years ago

Red On Green
tomraven PRO 6 years ago
Just Tangled Up In What I Love
EstebanHotmail2009 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by calamityjan2008 (member) 6 years ago
Sorry, I'm deleting this one, it was posted in Gallery #5.
An excellent photo, but can only be in one Master Photography Gallery.
midnteblues 6 years ago
Conserve, Love, Understand
High Dunes - Sossusvlei
Betty Jo ♥ 6 years ago

turquoise and cream
Rnoltenius Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Rnoltenius (member) 6 years ago

David Crosbie PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by calamityjan2008 (member) 6 years ago
Cranborne Chase, Dorset - Summer Evening
through english eyes PRO 6 years ago
mareintempesta 6 years ago
Campo Marino (TA) by night...
giuseppedr PRO 6 years ago
Lone pine
Randy's Dailies PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Randy's Dailies (member) 6 years ago
Little Happy Tree

Interesting...could maybe work as a dyptich with the image above.

Thanks for the invite....

Resting @ dusk, Cigu 小歇片刻  01
Snowshoeing [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Snowshoeing (member) 6 years ago

A Fiery Sunset
gordonsl PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by gordonsl (member) 6 years ago
bumble bee on pink cone flower
through english eyes PRO 6 years ago

Mike Hawes 6 years ago

[Go on give me a hug!]
Jan Linskens PRO 6 years ago
winter lines
Philing Phrames PRO 6 years ago
Hollyhocks at Marblehead
Nick Kenrick. PRO 6 years ago
# 25
Caribbean Moonrise
Andoni Lamborena PRO 6 years ago

Verdes de La Juncosa

SkattyKat 6 years ago
Coolangatta Gold (pink) Sunrise
Packso Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Packso (member) 6 years ago
Safe passage
andyyleung PRO 6 years ago

White early stage of blossom
julian sawyer - Purbeck Footprints PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by julian sawyer - Purbeck Footprints (member) 6 years ago
One Eye Open
Andreas-photography PRO 6 years ago
31#Stone upon stone upon stone
calamityjan2008 6 years ago
Thanks for your comments!
Life is not easy....but it has moments of beauty, moments of joy.
rika... PRO 6 years ago
Thank you
davidkiene 6 years ago
Thanks everyone!

Snow Melt Rushing through a Granite Crack, Lyell Canyon, Yosemite National Park, California
linlaw39 6 years ago
#35 Thanks :-)

Heading Home
Pantena Lorenzo Rossi 6 years ago
For WorlWide PhotoWalk 2009

Many thanks for all the comments

coquelicots ...
Katie-Rose PRO 6 years ago
Beach Huts, Greenhill, Weymouth
Cath in Dorset PRO 6 years ago
Bumbling at the feeding station
calamityjan2008 6 years ago
Closing the thread so admins/mods can vote on the above pics. A new gallery (#7) will be opened so you can add your pics with 5 FBDG awards for next month.
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