GustavoG 5:09am, 30 March 2005
Brenda Anderson 14 years ago
Thanks Gustavo, some of these I hadn't seen before.
Wow, surprised to see my photo on that first line.
Phil, what surprises me most is the super rapid difference in # of faves on this first page. Yours is what, 4th (how cool is that) at 251 faves (holy jeez that's alot) and mine sits at 56th with only 84. That's a big drop to still be in the top 60, isn't it? Especially if the 300th photo has 41... I spose it might follow the good old bell curve, with you and your way up there brethren just outliers... ;)

I don't see the baby stew, however. Silly Flickrers, don't know good baby stew when they see it...
GustavoG 14 years ago
No, no bell curve. It's a power-law. :)
Mr Lunatic Fringe 14 years ago
Gustavo, can you explain Power-law to me?

Sara, I just found my second most favorited photo at number 203, so I've got you surrounded :)
you've got 14 of me surrounded upon closer inspection!

do you happen to know if that top shot of yours was blogged somewhere (other than the flickr blog). I'm curious because, although I think it is a super strong image, I'm frankly surprised that some of your others aren't in the mix as well...
Mr Lunatic Fringe 14 years ago
The only other place I saw it blogged was a low traffic site that grabbed it from flickr blog. If it was somewhere else, also, I don't know about it.
See this article about power-law and related distributions.

If you ask, "how many people have favored each photo?", put that on the x-axis, and put on the y-axis the number of photos favored by exactly that number of people, you get a distribution that looks almost exactly like that.
Mr Lunatic Fringe 14 years ago
Cool, thank you.
Cilest 14 years ago
great idea to see what other people like best. thanks.
nobleviola 14 years ago
I'd be curious to see how many of these were featured in Flickrblog - I recognize at least four or five from postings I've seen - doesn't that skew the findings a bit?
kastner 14 years ago
Not at all - this is simply the MOST favorited pictures of all - it doesn't make a statment as to how they got that way.
josef.stuefer 14 years ago
GustavoG, we had some discussions in top-f and top-v about what kind of pictures get high number of views and faves, and what that might tell (not tell) about pictures and viewers.

Anyway, I suggested that the most impressive (Note: I don't say the best in the sense of photographic art or technique) pictures might be the ones that get a high favorite/view ratio [as comments cause the views number to increase by two, the correct formula might be f/(v-c)].

Would it be possible for you (or anyone else over here) to extract these data from the flickr API (I dunno how to do that myself)? That would be great!

I would exclude pictures from this analysis that have only been viewed a few times (e.g. v<20) to exclude "edge effects"
GustavoG 14 years ago
That can't be done at the moment, since there's no way to obtain the views count for a photo short of accessing the photo page itself and "scraping" the info from there.

This access of course increases the view by one, too.
josef.stuefer 14 years ago
Too bad, ... but thanks a lot for giving it a thought, Gustavo. I appreciate that!
GustavoG 14 years ago
Ring.xie is not longer active...!?
dangerous trees [deleted] 13 years ago
shouldn't this list be updated? i think there has been much change since march 2005 :)
Java Cafe 13 years ago
I wish I knew how this list was generated. Would love to see an updated list.

~ JC ~
alefbetac 12 years ago
Great work on your part. Of course it's all a matter of taste and photos get favoured where the person posting adds it to a lot of groups + social networking etc...
StarrGazr 11 years ago
So sad to see so many of these now missing... :(
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