unclebobjim PRO 8:03pm, 28 October 2014
IMPORTANT: We have decided to change the rules in order to make it easier (which means the only way to continue) for the moderators.

When adding a photo, please add a comment to your own photo stating how many FAVES and how many VIEWS it had at the moment you added it to the group.
Like the example below:

51/506 2014-10-27
faves EXTREME 050

If this information looks plausible at the moment a moderator looks at it at a later point in time, it will be approved for the group even if by then it has collected more than the accepted number of views.

Failure to apply the new 'Conformity Stamp' will result in your image NOT being approved for inclusion in the group.

Hope this helps to get more fine photos into the group.

The Active Moderator
unclebobjim PRO 3 years ago
Please Note that these Rules apply to all 'faves EXTREME' groups up to and including group 050.

The Moderator
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