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cosplay shooter ADMIN October 29, 2007
See also:
for 35 faves in less than 350 views: Faves EXTREME 035
for 40 faves in less than 400 views: Faves EXTREME 040
for 45 faves in less than 450 views: Faves EXTREME 045

Group Description

IMPORTANT: We have decided to change the rules in order to make it easier (which means the only way to continue) for the moderators.

When adding a photo, please add a comment to your own photo stating how many FAVES and how many VIEWS it had at the moment you added it to the group.
Like the example below:

31/306 2014-10-27
faves EXTREME 030

If this information looks plausible at the moment a moderator looks at it at a later point in time, it will be approved for the group even if by then it has collected more than the accepted number of views.

Failure to apply the new 'Conformity Stamp' may result in your image NOT being approved for inclusion in the group.

Hope this helps to get more fine photos into the group.

All photos posted here must have at least 30 faves.
In ADDITION to that, please check that the number of VIEWS is not more than TEN TIMES the number of FAVES.

Your photo has 296 views and 30 faves: Yes, we would be glad to see your photo posted.

Your photo has 303 views and 30 faves: Sorry, but there are too many views even though you have 30 faves.

Your photo has 265 views and 29 faves: That's definitely a very good feedback for a photo but unfortunately it MUST have at least 30 faves to be posted here. Consider posting it in the Faves EXTREME 025 pool where it will be more than welcome.

Your photo has 36 faves at 356 views: You may post it here because it has more than 30 faves and in average, it has received more than 1 fave per 10 views. Even better, if you have 35 or more faves and the number of views for the respective photo is less than ten times the number of faves, you may ALSO post the photo in the Faves EXTREME 035 pool.

Tasteful nudity is acceptable. No porn, we mean it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TO COMMENT ON A POOL PIC~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<a href=><img src=></a>
<b>Congratulations on your great shot!
I saw this at</b> <a href="">Faves Extreme</a>

It will look like this:

Congratulations on your great shot!
I saw this at
Faves Extreme

~~~~~~~~~~~~~TO INVITE A PIC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<b><a href=""><img src="" ></a>
<a href="">Your photo qualifies for Faves EXTREME 30.</a> </b>

It will look like this:

Your photo qualifies for Faves EXTREME 30.

Group Rules

Dear friends,
I dare say that this is going to be a group where people will go in order to find only the best shots.
Faves EXTREME 030 / <300 will always contain relatively new photos which have caught lasting attention. Only the best of them will be able to keep that speed and may move to
Faves EXTREME 035 / < 350 after a while.
There is absolutely no pressure to leave comments, to view so many pictures, or to add a more or less sophisticated icon to a photo.
We would of course like you to invite others to the group so that the pool (and your photos inside) get the attention they deserve.
Only one limitation of your freedom applies: We will delete photos that do not have 30 or more faves at less than 300 views. And we retain the right to remove photos that we consider (sorry, we will not discuss this) offensive in one or the other way. Repeating violators of the rules will (sorry again) risk being banned from this group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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