DreamzInColor 12:57am, 30 November 2006
Welcome :)

Hello and thank you for becomming part of our group. Your photo has been chosen because it is a Fantastic animal photo.

When posting your image please try not to post the same species side by side, it makes viewing more interesting to see different animals coinciding.

I hope you enjoy our group and it's wonderful images.

Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps (member) 11 years ago
Never been invited, small group, nice topic.

giamplume 11 years ago
Thank you DreamzInColor.
MorningThief581 11 years ago
Thanks for the invitation. =)
DreamzInColor 11 years ago
trontank PRO 11 years ago
thank you for the invitation, much appreciated!
Hamilton Images PRO 11 years ago
Thanks Sheryl for the invite. It's an honor.

Muffles 11 years ago
Thanks for the invitation
DreamzInColor 11 years ago
and 'Thank you' for adding your fantastic images to the pool.
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