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Hi all pitbull lovers! snapn'Mj, 0 snapn'Mj, 2 years ago
We found a young PitBull Bobby Angel 1 As In A Picture 4 years ago
pitbull ban pigneguy*michael 0 pigneguy*michael 4 years ago
Pitbull Gallery d_neeses_pixPRO 4 Alejandro I. Podestá 5 years ago
Calendar contest!!!!! e k p 1 jrlowe14PRO 5 years ago
Family pics- journalist! luluinlondon0703 1 jrlowe14PRO 5 years ago
Lets make this photo a poster and send it to PETA redhead.redneck 5 basegrinder 6 years ago
In Memory Of... Foxy5OhChick 16 fight4yourights.blogspot.com 6 years ago
Help support the Koko's Place project.....An off grid animal sanctuary in the desert koko's place 0 koko's place 7 years ago
Scooby and Friends Pit Bull Rescue (scoobyandfriends.com) MDStovalliphoto 3 redhead.redneck 7 years ago
Bill could ban Pit Bulls in Texas! Keith Koenig 1 Leon.DanielPRO 7 years ago
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Share some Christmas pictures of your bullies... Pitbull MaMa 2 pittylova 7 years ago
They are trying to take my pits (help) bigdog170 0 bigdog170 7 years ago
Shocking 19and69 0 19and69 8 years ago
Help !!! Voice for white Pit-bull!!! heyheyheykids 0 heyheyheykids 8 years ago
Official Vick Dog Chew Toy The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy 0 The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy 8 years ago
Please Take A Mo 2 Save 2 Lives Thank You ♥ Lexus2D ♥ 1 sAvE.oUr.Br33Ds 8 years ago
Baby pit bull attacks Vick! crysania4 12 denise8217 8 years ago
Stanley- Just One Dog e k p 0 e k p 8 years ago
Can we post photos even if the dog isn't necissarily a pit bull? abbyroad8680 0 abbyroad8680 8 years ago
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