pmsnrs 2:52am, 6 July 2010
I like bright primary colors and candy! We might have done something like this before but I know you girls and guys can rock it out again! Something different and new! Sorry about being a horrible contact lately I hope you enjoy this challenge!

Nicole[Rochelle] 8 years ago
Ok... the name my photography is under is "It's Sugar Photography.." How did you know I would love this?!! And what a great example image!

I'm wayyy to excited.
laurennloveless 8 years ago
PERFECT! I was just about to do a shoot with primary colored paint and I big 'ol lollipop :D
**Kel-Z** 8 years ago
**Kel-Z** 8 years ago
335/365: **I Want CANDY** by **Kel-Z**
An old one from my 365 but it works too :)
MichelleLynn Photography [deleted] 8 years ago
Peppermint Patty {290:365}
eweliyi 8 years ago
Incognito lolipop
Lou Bert 8 years ago
Day Two Eight Zero
Nicole[Rochelle] 8 years ago
Well here's one that I done about two weeks ago, but I'm doin one just for this too. This is too much fun <3

Lips so sweet.
chalupabatman 8 years ago
moths wings by chalupabatman
Rachel White <3 8 years ago
Cashae 8 years ago
pixi stix by Cashae

which one is your fav ? by Cashae
laurennloveless 8 years ago
I couldn't find my swirly lollipop :[

laurennloveless 8 years ago
this one is older, but it works, too!

chalupabatman 8 years ago
enjoythelittlethings Posted 8 years ago. Edited by enjoythelittlethings (member) 8 years ago
taste the rainbow
Kymmie LeAnne 8 years ago
hahah omg i love the rainbow and skittles.. this one better get picked for me to vote on :)
Nicole[Rochelle] 8 years ago
I love my raindow eye.. lol. <3

_Welcome to Candy Land
catklein PRO 8 years ago


evilibby PRO 8 years ago
(Sarah Robinson) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by (Sarah Robinson) (member) 8 years ago
Well, I don't have any candy in the house...I if I buy it I will eat it and ruin all my hard work, lol...So, I had to settle with candy colors :)

 by (Sarah Robinson)
Click Molina Click 8 years ago
~lauramerikay~ [deleted] 8 years ago
Emulation #42
SylviaMarie_ Posted 8 years ago. Edited by SylviaMarie_ (member) 8 years ago
Blood Sucker
enjoythelittlethings 8 years ago
With the new format, I so still can't post my pictures in large square format, will some flickrmail me where/how to do that? :) <3
Day 125/&quot;Year 29&quot; 365
rAnita nOe 8 years ago
had no time this week, and no candy on this one.. but wanted to participate in some way :)

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