Willem van Leuveren sr. PRO 4:45pm, 19 September 2008
My name is Willem van Leuveren and I live in Holland. I’m owner of a photo studio also in Holland. Still working after 41 years with photography, video- and multimedia productions. From our studio we travel and collecting picture material all over the country and in Europe. I hope that the group like's my style of photography.
My website's are : www.studiovanleuveren.nl and www.regiobeeldbank.nl
mikedelaney0391 10 years ago
i just viewed some of your landscape photos. you really do some nice work. i thought they were too good to be from an amateur like myself.
manju100 10 years ago
hi willem, your photos are relay awesome.

gave a grate day
sidking Posted 7 years ago. Edited by sidking (member) 7 years ago
Hello to all my photographers friends i'm Sid from bombay india & i'm
doing photography from the past 4 years here is my work hope you all like it www.flickr.com/photos/sidking1/
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