vigorous market [deleted] 10:30am, 25 October 2009
Hi everyone, this is such a fun site, and I love the outdoor photos.

I wonder, though, are there any TG yachtswomen here? If there are any keen sailor girls, especially if you're based in SE England, do get in touch - it would be nice to sail with other girls, and to take some photos at sea.
nerys4 7 years ago
I'd like to find another T girl who sails as well, particularly if she was within reach of the Norfolk Broads where I keep my boat.
secretive airport [deleted] 7 years ago
Hello, Nerys, I've just found your posting - which I may have missed as a result of being Unpersoned by the Flickr Thought Police.

However, I'm back, and would love to join you in Doing Different on the Norfolk Rivers!

These days, I can also invite you and other Transmanche sailors to sail the Swedish Archipelago...
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