WandaBradley PRO 8:56pm, 19 September 2008
I've just learned that you should never mark any of your pics as 'moderate' if your account is rated as 'safe'. If you do,all pics after that date will not be visible to any of your contacts (or anybody, I suppose).
Jo Angel 10 years ago

this is flagged as a safe group.. and if your photos are not, then they won't show.

they also need to pass moderation by me - but quite often I approve them, but they have the wrong rating so dont appear
lethal vest [deleted] 10 years ago
is extreeme crossdresing safe its good 4 me but underage kids ?
Jo Angel 10 years ago
is a safe group.. no body parts on show just people in frocks.
laura handbag 9 years ago
my safe pic of my safe bike cycling safely hasn't appeared... and you asked for it?
Strange. no?
Jo Angel 9 years ago
its in the group laura.. just not on the first page any more
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