giddy achiever [deleted] 9:33pm, 3 September 2006
Hi all,

Just posted one of my latest pics, this is Chrissy playing airsoft. I think it's a fairly extreme activity, and I'm not in a skirt for health and safety reasons- it's in a disused glass recycling factory. Maybe next time, when in the woods...
If you don't think the situation's extreme enough, let me know and I'll pull the pic forthwith.

Chrissy x
Jo Angel 12 years ago
The situation's extreme... not sure about the crossdressing :0)

But as you say - breastforms and makeup are involved - so its good enough for me!

nice pic ;)
equal industry [deleted] 12 years ago
Jo, quoting from the picture's description:

Decided against a wig on the grounds that I was doing an unknown activity in a strange environment... the risk of damage or loss was high.

This strikes me as quite tranny girl-esque :)))

I mean: I wouldn't give a damn about loosing or damaging a wig :)
giddy achiever [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for the replies... pleased you like it.
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