Siobhan Curran PRO 7:52pm, 30 July 2005
Beat that :)
Jo Angel 13 years ago
I'll see your wedding dress.. and I'll raise you.. erm.. I'm not sure I can beat that ;-)
equable chalk [deleted] 13 years ago
Definitely a hard act to follow, awesome stuff!!!!!
Gillian Stuart 12 years ago
I'll take that bet :)
Dawn Wyvern 12 years ago
Me thinks that Gillian had the upper hand at the moment !
How will Siobhan respond..?
stay tuned for the next instalment ..
(I know Jo said 'raise you' … but this is a little extreme! )
Jo Angel 12 years ago
Heh.. yeah

Unless we know someone on the International Space station, its going to be hard to beat Everest....
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