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Smithsonian Journeys ADMIN May 5, 2009
We hope you enjoy browsing the images of fellow travelers on Extraordinary Cultures! All the images from user Smithsonian.Journeys were taken by Amy Kotkin. Richard Kurin's great photographs are identified by the caption underneath. Feel free to leave your comments and insights on images as well as on the discussion board below. We look forward to seeing your perspectives on this incredible journey around the world.


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Group Description

Welcome to the Extraordinary Cultures Around the World Flickr page! We are excited to provide you with an online community to share your photo memories with your fellow travelers.

Pick your favorite pics to post to this group. Don’t forget to give each a title and in the comment box below the image please include your name along with any other information you’d like to share in the comment box below the image. The date of the photo already appears as part of the images as “Additional Information.” Below are some tips on how to enhance the photo gallery experience even further with tagging and mapping.

Adding tags will allow those other users searching on Flickr to find your images if they pertain to their fit their search parameters. We ask that you tag the photos you load into this gallery with “Smithsonian Journeys” along with any other pertinent tags that apply to the image in terms of location and subject. Tagging is simple:

1. Open the photo you’d like to tag.
2. Under the “Tag” section on the right-hand column of the screen click “Add a tag.”
3. In the text bar type a description of the photo and click “Add” when finished.*
4. Repeat until all the tags you’d like have been added.
Note: Flickr will separate tags longer than one word into multiple tags.
*For mulit-word tags put quotations around the words, otherwise the phrase will separate into individual tags per word.

If you’re really feeling ambitious, anchor your photo to the map so everyone can see exactly where it was taken and track the path to the sites you visited. To do this, follow the instructions below or visit www.flickr.com/help/map/:

1. After opening the photo you’d like to map, click on the option “Add to my map” found in the section “Additional Information” on the right- hand column of the screen.
2. A map will appear with a bright pink viewfinder in the center.
3. Move the map around until you find the location where the image was taken in. You can also search for a location in the top right-hand corner of the map.
4. When you have settled on a location click “Save to Map.”
5. A prompt will appear saying whawith thet location was selected and the selected what privacy settings. the photo mapping is on
a.If you chose the wrong location click “edit” and move viewfinder to correct location and save.
b.Leaving the photo mapping privacy as is allows all Flickr users to see where your photo was taken. If you’d like more privacy, a variety of options are available.
6. When you are satisfied with your choice of location click “Done” and your photo will be mapped!

Thank you again for sharing your photos with the Smithsonian Journeys Flickr community.

Group Rules

Terms and Conditions

1.You agree that you created the photo or, if you did not, that you have the right to submit the photo for these purposes.

2.Smithsonian Journeys will seek permission from users on an individual basis if there is interest in using uploaded images for marketing or publication purposes.

3.The Smithsonian will not make any payments or seek additional approval in connection with these uses.

4.You grant permission to the Smithsonian to use your full name, if provided, in connection with the use, reproduction, publication and posting of the story and photo you provide.

5.Any personal information of entrants will only be used for the purposes of deemed necessary by Smithsonian Journeys and otherwise in accordance with the Smithsonian Privacy Policy.

6.Smithsonian Journeys does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under thirteen years of age.

7.You agree to hold harmless the Smithsonian, its Board of Regents, officers and employees from any claims arising from the use, publication and posting of your story or photo submission.

8.The Smithsonian reserves the right to suspend any Flickr account for a Smithsonian Journeys tour if deemed necessary at any time.

9.Smithsonian Journeys is unable to reply to Flickr Mail messages. If you wish to contact Journeys, please visit the Smithsonian Journeys Flickr Profile for more information.

10.By entering your submission to the this Smithsonian Journeys tour Flickr group you are deemed to have accepted the above terms and conditions.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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