DiscoveringTheBeauty [deleted] 2:55pm, 11 June 2012
Hey Everyone,

I am new to Flickr and trying to build contacts for some local Explores. If anyone would be up for it, I have several abandon buildings, warehouses and homes in the area I'd like to shoot, and need other Urbexers or People interested to go with.
DontCallMeJimmy 5 years ago
I'm interested in doing a little exploring...have camera will travel
DiscoveringTheBeauty [deleted] 5 years ago
Right On. Busy Sunday? I got a few good spots close to shoot. Send Me an e-mail.
DiscoveringTheBeauty [deleted] 5 years ago
Join Us. I have found as in most situations, the more the merrier. My e-mail is in above text. Come out for a shoot on Sunday if You have time, or hit me up and lets figure out a day that will work for you.
DiscoveringTheBeauty [deleted] 5 years ago
We're going in the A.M., around 9 and will be ending the day around 1. If you cant make it tomorrow, tuesday or Wed. afternoon is a go as well
DiscoveringTheBeauty [deleted] 5 years ago
No worries. Going for an afternoon shoot on Wed. if you're up for it. Hit me up on my cell 540 819 4966 if you wanna join
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