paulhitz PRO 12:08am, 12 December 2007
Get ready for the next Exposure.Detroit show at the BLC

What: Exposure.Detroit January 2008 Photography Exhibit
When: 7pm-10pm ~ January 18th, 2008
Where: The Bean & Leaf Cafe, Royal Oak, MI
Who: 30 of Exposure.Detroit's finest photographers

Coming to you via the coffee coated walls of the Bean & Leaf Cafe (the BLC) is the next round of talented Michigan photographers.

Please help us congratulate them and see you at the show!

(in no particular order)
Ken Jacoby
Amy Palomar
Vanessa Miller
Ryan Southen
Mike Harabedian II
Mark F. O'Brien
One Foot Over The Moon
Detroit Derek
Stephanie Aust
C.J. Peters
Meghan East
David M. Haupt
St. Laurent Photography
Larry Carr
Scott Carey
Kyle Engelhart
James Szewczyk
Keith Burgess
Becky Layton
Ross Sandelius
Kevin Ridge
Rob Terwilliger
Patrick Simpson
David Kohrman
Paul Nichol
Paul K
John Levanen
Alexander J. Hernandez

There will be a wide range of photography to view from these talented and determined photographers
(and we'll have a veggie tray)

Hope see you there!

Congrats to everyone. I'm frickin' geeked!
ExcuseMySarcasm 9 years ago
'grats to those chosen.
Mike Glinski 9 years ago
congrats to all of you, can't wait to go to the show.
suesue2 PRO 9 years ago
Yay ... this is gonna be awesome ;-D
Congrats to all the chosen photogs !!
Jennifer.Leigh 9 years ago
Congratulations to all of you, I can't wait to see what everyone chooses!
lorainedicerbo 9 years ago
Congrats to all. From the photos I've seen from those selected, I can only imagine what an outstanding show this will be. I can't wait!
Dave Hogg PRO 9 years ago
Congratulations to everyone chosen!
odie3100 9 years ago
good work all of u guys!!!
artsy_T 9 years ago
congrats everybody. i can't wait to see it either. woo hoo!!
Ralph Krawczyk Jr PRO 9 years ago
congrats y'all.
n.elle 9 years ago
yeah for all of you! how exciting! it's going to be a fantastic show!
well if there's a veggie tray, then I'm there!
Who's this Keith Burgess?
MikeRyu 9 years ago
Ken thats rail, he changed his handle
Hari Rajan [deleted] 9 years ago
Congratulations, all! Looking forward.
mbenyas PRO 9 years ago
Kudos to all of you. Great talent!
Joe Alisa [deleted] 9 years ago
This is gonna be such a blast! I'll have my wide lens with me that day ;) Just imagine the possibilities!!
Church of One 9 years ago
Congrats to all! I'll look forward to the showing.
luna.nik 9 years ago
Wow congratulations to everyone!
Judith Bursott 9 years ago
Wow, what a great idea. Photo's from 30...I can't wait to see the great work.
Ken I'm not sure who Keith Burgess is, when you find out let me know okay....

congrats everyone, I look forward to seeing everyones work

railphotodude =-)
Auberon__ 9 years ago
Mike: Handle? Really? We're droppin CB talk here now?

Breaker Breaker 1 - 9, can I get a copy?
LindaB. 9 years ago
Congratulations to all. Can't wait to see all of the fine work you will be showing.
I see we'll have a veggie tray but what about a fruit tray?
1971Rich [deleted] 9 years ago
Right in my neighborhood, see you there.
Brett J Lawrence 9 years ago
I'll be providing a Crave Case to go along with the veggie tray.
zakzorah 9 years ago
so happy for you all! this is gonna be a great show.
MikeRyu 9 years ago Did I age myself??? What do you call them? By the way in my breif time being obnoxious on the cb my "handle" was Dr. Love :)
Jesus.. can't anyone detect sarcasm?
s o u t h e n PRO 9 years ago
Dr Love? Seriously Mike? Cmon.... :)
MikeRyu 9 years ago
I guess not... Was just helping ya out... Ass!!! :)
MikeRyu 9 years ago
Ryan, that was more than years ago than you have lived my friend...
s o u t h e n PRO 9 years ago
The amount of time doesnt change the fact that you were refering to youself as Dr Love Mike.
MikeRyu Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MikeRyu (member) 9 years ago
k :) I thought it funny then and still do!
s o u t h e n PRO 9 years ago
Ledio (mostly away) 9 years ago
LOL!!! I can only imagine, a soft, sultry voice on the CB saying "and this Dr. Loooove". Hey wait a sec, you were introducing yourself as "dr. love" to rough and burly truckers? hm... interesting... (actually it's more than I want to know!)
MikeRyu 9 years ago
Ledio lol, I guess if I am around....Don't drop your keys!!!! And if ya do, kick em down the block before bending to pick them up!!!!
s o u t h e n PRO 9 years ago
You realize Steph will get a hold of that Mike and you will never live it down, right?
Ledio (mostly away) 9 years ago
I'll take note of that Mike. no wonder you were the only one noticing "uranus" :p
MikeRyu 9 years ago
Ryan, I am sure she has more ammo on me than she knows what to do with...

Ledio lol... Does this mean I am "out" now?
Auberon__ 9 years ago
Back to the topic at hand....

Congratulations to the members selected. If you need any advice, feel free to ask anyone who has already shown. We can save you a lot of time and frustration.
Ledio (mostly away) 9 years ago
leave it to Mike to ruin this topic :p
MikeRyu 9 years ago
Ledio, want to give me a spanking?
markmarko 9 years ago
Congrats to all! It's fun, so I hope you all enjoy the experience!
Whats Stephs handle? Dirty Momma?
jiant@flickr 9 years ago
Way to go everyone. looking forward to attending the show(my second ED show). Hopefully I can get to another event or outing before then.
Fuzzytek 9 years ago
Huge lineup - congrats to everyone!

Wish these opening nights worked into my schedule -- currently appears open but doing freelance work I have to see what is happening.
Codec 9 years ago
Great guys!! Hope to see you there!!
Alanna St. Laurent Photography [deleted] 9 years ago
Maybe we should let Sheepo and Mike be alone...
basha04 9 years ago
congratulations everyone! Is there enough room on the walls? lol I'm looking forward to it... after all there will be a veggie tray!
blind lemon larry [deleted] 9 years ago
Mike ------ so that was you ?? signed "Road King" :)
nichpr [deleted] 9 years ago
So how do you choose just one shot to hang............................ this will really be fun. Should be tremendous variety on the wall, that's for sure.
Bean in Sylvan Lake PRO 9 years ago
Congratulations to all these photographers. Looking forward to a great night at the BLC.
MikeRyu 9 years ago
Larry...lmao... You are trouble Mr.!!!!!
helena.blakemore [deleted] 9 years ago
so, who's the tba?

and congratz to everyone!
Jeff Milton 9 years ago
Congrats to all. I am also looking forward to seeing your work.
paulhitz PRO 9 years ago
and that makes 30

Hey, is there a discussion threat to say Thank You?

(... thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... )

... just wonderin'

booone 9 years ago
Congrats to everyone. Do the prints stay up on the wall for a while? I'm at BLC occasionally and I'd like to check them out, as I won't be able to attend the show.
B.r.a.n.d.y 9 years ago
congrats everyone,,,hope to see you there.
wolfpict 9 years ago
Definately want to be there for this!!
BluSkyy Studios 9 years ago
The veggie tray really sold me.

Congratulations to all of you. Can't wait to see your masterpieces.
paulhitz PRO 9 years ago
w00t! one month away!
*MichelleLynn* 9 years ago
Wow I didn't realize there were so many in the show! Will be great to see a wide variety of work.

And FYI I like ranch dip with my carrots.
I had trouble narrowing it down to one but I'm ready to rock with my print on metallic paper ( thanks Joe! ) , all framed and looking purty. It's going to be a lot of fun!
E.Peoples 9 years ago
It's just one pic per photographer? Wow, that would be tough trying to figure out which of my picks sucked the absolute least. LOL!

JVLIVS Photography 9 years ago
Man, I've got to get some of my stuff displayed there as well. I plan to be there on the 18th and my camera will be ready. It seems that with more people getting some exposure with their work, the more it seems to hype things up, and that's just what (Exposure) Detroit needs at this time!
paulhitz PRO 9 years ago

2 weeks.....!
Jason Paige 9 years ago
I am going to try to make it again.
1971Rich [deleted] 9 years ago
Eric - It wouldn't be hard for you. You take great photos :o)
Photos by Lamont 9 years ago
Congrats to all..
JVLIVS Photography 9 years ago
Clock's runnin'. Photographers, UNITE! C ya there (if the Good Lord allows it)!

I agree with , Congrats 2 all, Best Wishes!
Ross Sandelius 9 years ago
Nobody told me about the black frame/white matte rule... lol.
E.Peoples 9 years ago
Hey, thanks, Rich!

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