Bearded Fury 7:39pm, 29 December 2013
Hi guys!

After a long break from photography having owned a DSLR before i have treat myself to the above camera in the sales!

Cant wait to get back out with it! I am not sure if it comes with a flash or not as it has a flash on in the photo but doesnt mention it in the description. Are they expensive?

Anyway! Im Dan just a quick introduction, i shall be uploading my photos when i pick it up on Tuesday!

BS-Foto 5 years ago
Congratulations! I'm sure, the NX1100 is a great camera. It comes with the 20-50mm which is in some aspects better then the 18-55mm - even without OIS. Have fun!
Bearded Fury 5 years ago

I just uploaded four pictures, i have the intention of buying a new lense in a few months time. Probably a prime or a macro lense i think, i am still getting used to it all. Its much different to an SLR and its the adapting side of it i find quite fun too!

Feel free to give my shots a look they start with the shot of my Chameleon. One thing i am struggling with is the flash i got with it, i am used to bouncing flash this is a direct one and im not used to direct flash so if you have any tips please let me know.

Happy new year to you all!
BS-Foto 5 years ago
Flash - indirect light - smoother shadows?
I had good experiences with adding a greaseproof paper (fixing it in front of the flash).
Even the SEF42A has a tilting (not twisting) head only.
Sorry for answering so late.
Whitnall :) 5 years ago
I love my NX, lightweight and competes with many other higher priced larger cameras.
good luck and enjoy
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