jesslynman 2:46pm, 30 March 2011
hey i just got a diana deluxe set for vday and i love bokeh ever since i was born however... i do not know how to produce such BEAUTIFUL pictures as seen in this group's album!
can any bokeh lover out there give me basic guidance on bokeh?
all help given is very much appreciated
thx a zillion!
ambaker 7 years ago
Different lenses produce bokeh differently. Wide open is usually the easiest way to get pleasing bokeh. Lenses with fewer blades tend to produce harsher bokeh the more they are stopped down. Also the wider the aperture, the shallower the the depth of field, so the better chance to get some good bokeh.
*karla 7 years ago
What equipment do you use? Hm.... diana deluxe set, i see on the net, has 35mm lens. Set the aperture to the smallest number (f/ x where x is 2 or 1.8 or 1.4 if possible)!
Focus on one thing, get a good light, and all the out of focus area is a blur.

Also, read this article, it is explained well.
jesslynman 7 years ago
hey ambaker and karla!
thx for the great tip
just finished one roll of film and waiting for it to be developed :)
hope it turns out good or not try and try again~
Dominique Robert PRO 7 years ago
Well, it may not very easy to achieve with such a... hmm, well, "particular" camera. Let's say that, as a general rule, you proceed as follows :

1. Use your longest lens. If a zoom, set it at its longest end.

2. Set the aperture as open as possible.

3. Place your main subject as close to the camera as possible, and as far as possible from a background which you will also preferably choose with less features rather than more.
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