kktp_ PRO 7:22am, 6 January 2009
We are here to have fun but we can also learn to improve our photos at the same time too. So I open this thread for you. Post your photo here that you want constructive criticism. We have many talent members in our groups so I'd love to see their input in whatever way they think can improve in each image. It can be composition, camera techniques, post processing, .......

But keep in mind that positing a photo in this thread, you are expressly asking people to offer their critical opinions. They may not like your work, so please be open-minded and respect their comments, I hope to see that we have valuable discussion here.

Enjoy !!
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
I'm going to start with one of my own

Pinky #11 (by kktp_)

Of all 2000+ photos I have on Flickr at the moment, this one is in the bottom 50 according to Flickr interestingness. Feel free to discuss ...

- If I focus on her left eye instead of her hair, it should more impact to the photo.
- I probably should increase dof a little bit.

~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago know me....i'd move her a little to the right.... ;P
sharaff 9 years ago
Actually I do like the lighting. As Helen said, I guess moving it to the right or left, perhaps a different thing. Definitely like you said, K, focus on the eye might bring some impact. Now it directs you to the hair, instead.
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
agreed on that, she's too center there make it look like an unplanned snapshot :)

thank you for your input, sharaff. honestly i still have many misfocus photos. but only a few arrived here on Flickr :)
SamikRC 9 years ago
Belated wishes

I would love to know what would have been better for this photograph..
I'm really ready to click it again with the new advice and suggestions...

I guess I would've focused more on her eyes...
Plz feel free to criticize...........
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
is that a point and shoot cam?...well i think you did well with the bokeh then....i never got any decent bokeh with mine....but maybe i didn't know what i was

where did you shoot this?...was it at home?.....or out?
available sense [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by available sense (member) 9 years ago
Could this be considered a bokeh shot?

[2009YIP: Day 6]
complete texture [deleted] 9 years ago
there is some bokeh forming towards the end...
complete texture [deleted] 9 years ago
Brooks Saddle: An urge to ride
available sense [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank you! So I can add it to the pool?

Love your shot, btw.
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
I like your composition. but as already suggested by Geisha, better point of focus would be nice and hold the image together. And you already got fantastic background.

it's fine to me, feel free to add to the pool if you not alraedy done so.
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
your point of view is nice. i like that you got an interesting shape out of the saddle and frame. Your focus is spot on. So nothing much you can do, unless you can find better background, white part on the right and top left is bit of a distraction, though.
Nicomaker PRO 9 years ago
finding nico
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
i have to say you did a fine job with this photo. Focus on that reflection, which i think you want to be the main subject, is spot on. it's one thing that turn an A+ photo into C if you're not careful.
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
cool shot....i agree with that the top left draws the eye away from the subject a maybe a bit more vignett?...

i like it!....great balance to the framing....and great focus...
love how the pink repeats in the awnings and the bokeh...
i got nothing to
available sense [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks! Will do!
Craigfaelossie 9 years ago
Nicography - Great shot - I like the composition and the focus couldn't be better.
Star Bokeh
Just hoping for a little advice and critisism on my first attempt at a bokeh...
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
well the bokeh looks great....i love all the background...
the star somehow looks a little flat?....i think i would have tried editing only the star to increase it's contrast....?
and composing the star slightly less i am addicted to negative
earthy turkey [deleted] 9 years ago
I call this " Collimation Test of 1937 Zeiss lens converted to Leica Mount.".

closeup at f1.5, 1937 CZJ 5cm Sonnar, Converted to LTM

Sometimes my wife will ask, "Why did you take THAT picture". to which my 10-year old answers, "Mom. It's a lens test".
Craigfaelossie 9 years ago
Thanks for the tips ~geisha~, I'll keep those things in mind... :)
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
your bokeh look fine. but i'm not happy much with composition. i don't know if there are more lights above from what we see in the photo. if yes, i would shoot this from lower point of view looking up. and move the star to the left of this frame. you will get stronger composition.

if the main reason for your photo is, like your kid said, "lens test", you got a very fine result from this zeiss lens. so i will not talk about composition part :)
bekinaz 9 years ago
This is my first attempt at bokeh. I think that I understan what bokeh is. Also this picture was taken with a $200 point and shoot, nothing fancy.

kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
Consider you took this photo with Easyshare, you did very fine job. Composition is okay, but that out of focus part in middle of photo is the main distraction. You will want your viewer to look into that in-focus part on the right and the rest bokeh part as support. May be change angle a bit so you don't have some parts too close to your camera.
bekinaz 9 years ago
Thanks for the day I'll have a nicer camera too.
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
damn all these people taking great bokeh shots with point and shoots! ;P
i never got anything this good with
i think the composition is good...and the distracting part in the middle can probably be photoshopped to be less bright?...or brighten the in focus beads a little....
i like it as it is anyway :)
earthy turkey [deleted] 9 years ago
And here's the Bokeh shot of the Kid with the tested lens.

kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
and it came out fantastic. but wonder what are those white on top part of photo. this should look better without them :)
Endemoniada PRO 9 years ago
The Pearly Gates

This is me blatantly copying kktp_'s style :)

I shot this around christmas, it's frost on the balcony glass windows. Got some other cool shots, but this one turned out really abstract. Just tonight I had bit of a creative fit, and started fiddling with graduated filters in Lightroom. Without really thinking of it, I noticed I'd chosen similar colors and shapes to a lot of kktp_'s photos. Like Picasso said, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal". I guess I'm really a bad artist since I just copied :)
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
my style? naaah, i probably inspired by somebody else too :) and you know what, that's a very fine abstract you did. the gradient really give it more interesting too. :)
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
hahaha....yeah the blue yellow's a signature isn't it...
but like K says....we all see stuff we like....and then use.... ;P
that is some mad bokeh!......looks great!
Endemoniada PRO 9 years ago
Well, let's hope I can inspire someone as well, then. Thanks for the kind remarks :)
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
ok...not my best work time for me to post one in for help...

Blu Horizon Bar...
50mm f/2.8
jdleung 9 years ago
My first bokeh
Happy Niu Year
{ pranav } 9 years ago
I just shot this yesterday using my Canon S5. How do you like it? Do you see a place for improvement? Thanks in advance.

Golden Peacock

* added frame and text using my favorite editor Gimp.
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
Hey I missed this, when I clicked I actually expect to see private photo :) I like your idea of the opera house as the background. But I'd like to see you use faster shutter speed to give this one some more contrast and colors. Although you can do it in PP, but it's nice to get it there when you click it. And how about smaller aperture, I know where you are so i know what I see in the background. But I'm not sure everyone will figure it out :)

It's nice idea to have those bokeh balls spilled out of the glass. Overall colors look very pleasing to the eyes. But those bokeh balls are a little blown out, though.

Classic still life with shallow depth of field. Your focus is spot on but i still want to see more space on the right side to add more impact to that beautiful peacock head.
~ geisha ~ PRO 9 years ago
yeah that's what i was thinking...more background detail with the smaller aperture....and some more darkness..... :)
Glisten Images 9 years ago

Bokeh or no?
{ pranav } 9 years ago
Thank you for the kind feedback. Here I present another bokeh shot for kind feedback from the group.

b o k e h
jdleung Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jdleung (member) 9 years ago
Thanks your suggestion.;-)_
ninasapura 9 years ago
HBD everyone! i'm new in this group and i'm rather new with bokeh too...
To the morning sun

look forward to critism/advice if this picture could've been better in any way...
claireberries Posted 9 years ago. Edited by claireberries (member) 9 years ago
Glisten Images- Nice photo, and I think the right would count as bokeh?

p.r.a.n.a.v - I like this photo except for the orangey/pink at the bottom.

ninasapura- for me this is a lovely photo, except for the border you have put on it.
claireberries 9 years ago

one of mine.
ninasapura 9 years ago
thanks, appreciate your comment...
EverydayMundane (pao tayag) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by EverydayMundane (pao tayag) (member) 9 years ago
nice tones!
It's just a phase...
Dynamic Range Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Dynamic Range (member) 9 years ago
A Kaui Travel Guide:

Kauai book by Dynamic Range
kktp_ PRO 9 years ago
Those little flowers are very cute. back lighting really make a nice outline around it, make those in-focus more popped out of the rest. although it's a little too center for my taste. but still it's a very pleasing photo !

one word come to mind, Sharp ! :) good focus on those thorns to make them look really sharp and stand out on the background. love your position of them in the photo too !

love the contrast of shades red and green. but i find no interested in area that you focus. may be focus is a little off as i would like to see it more isolation to the background.

nice idea of that book and pen. love that you can see hint of some words in the book. and you find a nice background for it too.
Hi. comment is very much appreciated.
here's another:
Umagang nakangiti
Happy Spring
shelovespeektures 9 years ago
What a coincidence..I took a similar photo today!!!!
FreeDonuts 9 years ago
Probably I left much space in the right area, well you'd tell me ;)

Yeah! by FreeDonuts
jasperzondervan 9 years ago
I'm curious of what you think of this:
1st blossom in my appletree 2009
Maenie 9 years ago
Endemoniada PRO 9 years ago
Spring (Frozen)

I love the Lightroom preset Cold Tone :)
Clementine's Bouquet
A poem is never finished, only abandoned. Paul Valery.
jes.campanaro 9 years ago
IMG_9403 by jes.campanaro
dannrawr 9 years ago
parsimonious shoe [deleted] 9 years ago
zhee 9 years ago
Ashy B 9 years ago
Summer Daydreams
zhee 9 years ago
bboy.bash 9 years ago
Be harsh on me please haha.
nickthetasmaniac 9 years ago

this one had me stumped. To get the reflections inside the water drop (the actual subject) in focus it makes the blade of grass go out of focus, which just looks wrong.
But then if the blade of grass is in focus, the water isn't and the whole point is lost...
advice? 9 years ago
Leisure Drive

Just startin' to figure out what this bokeh thing is! It's kind of fun!! I'd love to know what you guys think of this image. (I photograph a lot of toys, and just happened to have a bit of bokeh in this one!)
javYliz 9 years ago
red rose close up

I'd love to hear it from you... I'm just starting to play with this bokeh/focus thing... :)
Hafiz Bastan Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Hafiz Bastan (member) 9 years ago
An amateur who is still learning.

WilsonBanta 9 years ago
This is my First Bokeh Shot! Let me know what you think!!
Woops Sorry this Photo

My First Bokeh! by Melissa Edwards Photography
My second bokeh hehe. Please tell me what you think! :)

 by Kristin Stuthard-Mendoza Photography
∆ toma ϟ 9 years ago

Vin0x64 PRO 8 years ago
Helo people, I'd like to have your feedback on this one :)

Happy New Year !

And.. happy new year !
earthy turkey [deleted] 8 years ago
Golden Sunsets and grass
~Greta Tucker~ 8 years ago
hello. it's my first photo here.
please critique.
Thank you
Drone Photography 8 years ago
Cup of Tea by Drone Photography

i ma getting hooked on creating bokeh shots
charlie BF 8 years ago
Bench by charlie BF

Nikon 35mm f1.8
a nice steaming cup of joe-keh 22/365
Michael Taborsky 8 years ago

Nikon D5000 @ ISO 800, 1/160
Nikkor AF-s 50 1:1.4 @ 2.5
Available Light
Pearse Stokes PRO 8 years ago
I use the Aero Ektar 178mm f2.5 wide open. It has a loyal following among lovers of bokeh.

Valerio.Angelici PRO 8 years ago

critics are always welcome!!!!
Oh Kaye Murphy 8 years ago

this is my very first!! i am open to any advice and criticisms :)
prince_moog Posted 8 years ago. Edited by prince_moog (member) 8 years ago

Just starting... hope you guys can give me more tips!
Wikichipi Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Wikichipi (member) 8 years ago
DSC_0001 by Wikichipi
what would you improve on this one?
Rust on my fuses by Wikichipi
and this one?
Austin Tott 8 years ago
The first link that you posted is marked as a private photo, so I wasn't able to view it/ comment on it!

The latter is really dark and so zoomed in that it is hard to decipher what it is exactly... but there is enough of it there that I wouldn't really consider it an abstract... Also the focus is in the very center of the photo and it would be stronger if it was the focused subject was off center.

SnejnaiA 8 years ago
 by SnejnaiA
SnejnaiA 8 years ago
|Tott Photography|, you've lost all the details in the shadows)
MandarinaArt 8 years ago
"Tai" by MandarinaArt
abaft stem [deleted] 8 years ago
DSC_0809 by abaft stem
Sirio Timossi PRO 8 years ago
Cat in Fez
Johnny I images 8 years ago
Thoughts or Comments - my first really low light shots with 85mm f/1.8 - in a dark pub with lights and tvs in the background.

[Shot in a dark Pub with ef85mm f/1.8]
TakeNoticeProject© 7 years ago
Is this okay?
Herman Rhoids 7 years ago
look at my full abstract
Una Grande Ossessione by Herman Rhoids
hagster69 7 years ago
Blow Here
Don't know why I took this but i like the result, What do you think???
Nataliya Corallium Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Nataliya Corallium (member) 7 years ago
I would appreciate your comments!!

The water drop
Water pearl
g-ee 7 years ago

what do you think guys?
Elia203 7 years ago
what do you think of this one?
 by Elia203
Nadi Khan 7 years ago
what u say?

The Rays Of Happiness by Nadi Khan
Day 357: December 23, 2011

Day 353: December 19, 2011
Rita2804 6 years ago
tM.. PRO 4 years ago
Work on the quad by tM..
oraziop1969 4 years ago
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