ryuu_ka 3:50pm, 20 October 2008
im new in flickr....
a few photo i had uploaded...
well,i got no comment on my photo...
i try to think,maybe my photo is not good enough...
BUT i found that many ppl without a pro acc they dont comment by other...
i feel they had a good shoot ... so pitty!!!
on the other side,with pro acc,anyhow they shoot,they got comment!

flickr is pay to buy comment?curious to ask...

thank you!
Vitaliy P. PRO 10 years ago
Pro account really nothing to do with the amount of comments you get. You have to give your pictures more exposure, such as adding them to groups/participating in discussions/commenting on other people's photos will usually result in them commenting on your photos in return.

Your macro shots are quite good but I feel like the portrait shots are a bit too dark.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
@ryuu_ka, I never heard or saw such thing. but my take on this is, how do you Flickr? if you treat it as photo site, it will be just like that, your photos against the world. they will be just there on the wall. some people will talk (comment) about it. but most people will just look and walk on, no matter how good your photos are.

treat Flickr as a community site with photo as a theme, and comment will come.

and sorry, cannot look at your photos yet, I'm on mobile with limited bandwidth. so in this case i'll look at photos of people I know first. so get out there and let people know you.

good luck !!
earthy turkey [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by earthy turkey (member) 10 years ago
Usually comments are left by people that I've added as Contacts, people that I've corresponded with over on several forums for years. Some just like my camera hacks.

Few comments come as a result of posting to a group, or random selection. I would not be offended by it.

Some groups exist to have photo's submitted and critiqued. You might try some of those groups..

Having a pro account allows you to upload over 200 photo's. More photo's, more comments and no need to delete the older ones.
JRPhotographyBC PRO 10 years ago
The key to getting commented on, is to have your images posted to many groups, and not just one or two. With a basic account, you can post an image to 10 groups, with a pro account, you can add it to 50 or some crazy odd number like that.

You work is quite good, you just need exposure on your work, the fastest way to do that, is to join many groups as you can for the work you like. Spend an evening, search out the types of photography you like, subjects you like, then join. Look at members there that are posting, and look at their profiles, join groups that they have that you may have missed.

I hope this helps.
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
yes...it takes a little while for people to find you...
i guess most pros have been around for a longer time....by the time they decide to go pro.......hence more comments... ;)
ryuu_ka 10 years ago
hi there...
i got your word in my mind...
kktp is right.... this is photo community... photo is the theme...
i should care so much bout the comment...
but honestly...im so jeolous bout those photo got a lot of comment...
since that it proved that is a good photo!...

well,i get u all again!
thank to vataliy P,kktp,anachronist user,JR and geisha!
sharaff 10 years ago
a good picture beats it all.
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
true, you can be out there and get many activities on your work. but maintain good works will keep people hanging around !
~ geisha ~ PRO 10 years ago
and mochas....... ;P
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
good point, i should start popping champagne :)
sharaff 10 years ago
~ geisha ~ I dont have much varieties! hehe.
ryuu_ka 10 years ago
i cant enjoy what u conversation!!!
hahaa...anyway...i get u all!
i will keep my work ROCK!!
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