kktp_ PRO 2:29pm, 30 September 2008
I have this on my photo and may be useful to post it here too. It's not really about bokeh, but it can be applied to anything :)

I got some questions about how to get nice colors in the sky. So I think I will show you steps I did. Unfortunately, weather is not with me with some light rain and no sun to get orange colors in photo.

And I will be too lazy to do it later !!

But this should give you ideas :)

I start with this, let camera do the work in S mode, 1/200.It gave me f/4.5. What a boring snapshot.
20080930-DSC_2636 (by kktp_)

Now switch to manual mode, push aperture down to f/11 to darken everything.
20080930-DSC_2638 (by kktp_)

Make sky look more blue by change white balance to fluorescent.
20080930-DSC_2639 (by kktp_)

Well, you almost cannot see my little model. It's time to add some light. I have one SB-800 from top right.
20080930-DSC_2654 (by kktp_)

Now you can see more of her, but with fluorescent wb, and white light, she look lifeless ....
20080930-DSC_2643 (by kktp_)

So I changed light color a bit with orange gel on SB-800.
20080930-DSC_2645 (by kktp_)

Final result
Some little tutorial .... (by kktp_)

Then I worked a little more before I get final photo above. I hope this will be useful to some of you. Feel free to ask me questions, but one thing to tell you, I'm not a pro :)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
Another example with the same technique

* (by kktp_)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
what a cheap way how i add gel to sb-800 :)

20080927-DSC_2576 (by kktp_)
Shawn Toohey 10 years ago
that's great!
mingyahu 10 years ago
great tutorial thankyou
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
more example, this time it's tungsten white balance

20081001-DSC_2719 (by kktp_)

The End (by kktp_)
defiant transport [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for the tips, have been playing a little with white balance too, just managed to turn a grey into orange instead of white lol
Nanjacoder 10 years ago
Playing with my WB was how I achieved the very icy blue on this shot:

I simply switched over to Tungsten. Very little PS was needed for more intensity in the colour :) I love the results of experimenting like this!

P.S~ I didn't know whether to post the link or the actual pic, so I thought I'd best stick with just the link, LOL
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
nice blue in your photo. feel free to post photo here as example :) anyway, here it is :)

Chill (by Nanjacoder)
Nanjacoder 10 years ago
Thanks K!
Great tutorial :D Thanks :D
somebear PRO 9 years ago
Very nice examples, and exemplifies greatly one of the things I like about Flickr, the sharing that takes place. I have played with similar ways of changing color, but haven't thought about using the gels artistically although I have a whole bunch of the small ones.
comoperrosygatos 9 years ago
wooow !!
Lazybug 9 years ago
Great advice. thanks!
makeupanid PRO 9 years ago
hey that stuff is good to know-thanks!
Nice little tutorial and food for thought. Thanks!
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