trizayles 3:04am, 21 August 2008
Not that I particularly need to know, but I'm curious.

How do you know if your photo is on Explore and also if your photo is on Explore, how do you know what number it is?

I always see photos where people say Explore #93 or whatever but I can't figure out how they know or what that number means.

Thanks in advance to whomever tackles my moronic question of the day. :-)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
not the best but easiest way is using Scout.:)
rose_peacock PRO 10 years ago
that about does it :)
Tung P.T. 10 years ago
Google for a script name Flickr Photo Rank if you use Fire Fox browser and Greasemonkey. The information about rank of the picture you are watching will be show below the date of taken.
sharaff 10 years ago easiest for me.
offbeat sail [deleted] 10 years ago
I also use this. Which lets you see your where friends photos are too!
"Sonya" PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by "Sonya" (member) 10 years ago
Well, thank goodness!
I’m not the only having Explore questions!
Not long ago, I was informing by member's comment that my photo is on Explore, but, I didn’t see my photo on Explore personally.
What puzzles me is that when I do the Scout,
but there was NO sign of my image....
Anyways, I'm just so confuse by the Explore.
Some one PLEASE help and explain it to my little pea brain *-)
kktp_ PRO 10 years ago
photos could be in and out of explore several times a day. and I think Scout also update only few times per day. So it's possible that when Scout check Explore photos, I may not know that your photos were there. But if your photo is in Top40, now it's getting easier as you will very like notice increase in traffic.

But anyway, you can have fun with Explore, but please don't be serious about it. Rules of the game will be changed many times a year and it's no fun to keep chasing the donkey :)
almost~famous 10 years ago
I use firefox and grease monkey scripts too! I remember when i didnt even understand what explore was, thank god for all my flickr buddies showing me the way!!! xx
"Sonya" PRO 10 years ago
You are right K....NO fun to chasing the donkey!!!
Since I am so curious about so many things,
(it might be ADD…hee hee! )
therefore, I don’t really stick with just one partially subject/object
I often just shoot whatever catches my eyes~
Which I’m not quite sure is a good thing for photograph or not?
But I'm eager to learn and explore my own creativity~
I sure have learned a whole lot from all the creative & talented Flickr members.
BonBonMom 10 years ago
Ok, so the museum one you have to SCROLL through all those photos. Man, I'd love to make it to Explore one day but I don't think I'll ever find out if I do! LOL

Glad someone else asked this question. I've been wondering!
Nabeel* 10 years ago Easiest for me too =]
Scout is the way to go, it was designed just for this.
No browsing or searching.............

And nope, I have never made it before .....
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