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kktp_ PRO 4:12am, 18 June 2008
Beside the usual round bokeh. Let's share some other creative shapes here :)

bokeh love (by Kiwi_GaL)

well, above is not mine, but from Natalia :)
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jordan parks 7 years ago
Tee Bui 7 years ago
My Saturday night
my turn :)
michelleee(: 7 years ago
hi guys, i've tried making start shaped bokeh but it won't work! its just a big blurry vignette. so i have a couple of questions.
how big does the cutout have to be? mine is maybe 5 millimetes at most.
does the lighting in the room have anything to do with it?
any other advice?
i love all the shaped bokeh! it looks so awesome! i thought the coffe cup and butterflies ones were especially creative!
Dominique Robert PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Dominique Robert (member) 7 years ago
Creative shaped bokeh

This thread is not trying to discuss creative shaped bokeh, but creative shaped highlights. Bokeh itself, being just another word for blur, has no specific shape. It assumes the shape of whatever is included in the blurred background, and those shapes are more or less distinguishable depending on how smooth and velvety (or coarse) the bokeh is.
Sea.sunflower 5 years ago
Jar of falling hearts by Sea.sunflower
here is mine :)
Horaczko.com Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Horaczko.com (member) 5 years ago
I could be Banksy by Horaczko.com
Horaczko.com 5 years ago
Dove , Bokeh by Horaczko.com
Horaczko.com 5 years ago
Bokeh by Horaczko.com

Done by my bokeh filters
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