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Article: ANARCHY: Sometimes It’s Okay to Ignore the Rules by Robin Statfeld

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Jay Paredes is a group administrator Jay Paredes says:

Discussion topic for the article at www.evergladesphotosociety.org/articles/anarchy.html. Post your questions and comments here.
Originally posted at 6:35PM, 29 May 2008 PDT (permalink)
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imajypsee says:

Well done treatise on compositional choice, Robin. Regarding your "rule of thirds" investigation, I find that I can see the "rule" at work in your representative photographs merely from a weight/placement aspect. This is not to say that I think you're wrong, only that even in wanting to rethink a rule, a photographer who is skilled will often compose with the benefit of experience playing a role in the outcome.
That said, I'm glad someone(s) are challenging the received notions of the wider (and often "workshop") community to make the case for reinterpretation of "the rules." I applaud your start and look forward to more from you.

Mary in Fort Myers
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blue-eyed holiday [deleted] says:

Thanks, and great observations you've made about the article's photos and composition in general. Yes, you can take the girl out of the rule of thirds, but I guess you can't totally take the rule of thirds out of the girl :)
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