Promos needed!

Crafty dragon 6:27pm, 7 February 2007
Hey everyone!

I've got a newsletter and promo mailout where I send out a package of Etsy samples and promos once a month. That means I go through a lot of promos!

I'm always in need of more promos! This is a great opportunity for you to get more exposure! Business cards alone are fine, but I'm really looking for promo items or samples or even just coupons. Around 20 items is the perfect amount. More would be fine too as I send promos out with my outgoing orders as well.

There's no real deadline for you to get these to me as I send some out every month (around the beginning of the month).

If anyone is interested in joining the mailing list feel free to contact me and let me know your email address and mailing address. But please note that I only send the promo packages out to the US and Canada.

Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you!

Dragon's Den Handcrafted Candles and Soaps
kimmings2006 12 years ago
i'd love having you promo for me-i'm bed bound. i usually include a gift certificate with my promos.
_beefcake 12 years ago
I'd love to get in on the promos possibly. I can relate to kimmings- I'm on a hiatus from work currently due to illness. >_< I have 2 online craft businesses I'd like to get the word out for. :]
Crafty dragon 12 years ago
There's no rush on the promos. This is a standing offer! Whenever you get a chance to throw something together is fine for me. :)
enamor_etsy 12 years ago
I'm sending you a message now...
Thanks for posting about this.
tidy sheep [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi every one..I am new to flickr and new to etsy, It is nice to meet you !
my flickr is SympleTymes
and my etsy is
Thank You and I looking forward to making friends and learning and sharing
What is a promo? Thanks again
Jin S. 12 years ago
I m having a new shop on etsy selling chinese woodblock prints.
I have made my promo cards each with one print and then several enclosed in one little envelope.
If you are interested, i would love to send you some.
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