PeggytoesCrochet 7:32am, 27 April 2014
Estella will be offering a new bunny in a couple of months so I will wait.
She will be chocolate colored ... I believe like the mint and pink ones.
Orchids Designs 4 years ago
Where did you hear this??
PeggytoesCrochet 4 years ago
In a personal email to me after I asked her several question ... here it is:

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 19:50:39 +0900
From: estellashop@........
To: peggytoes@........
Subject: RE: Estella Bunny Request ....

Dear Peggy ...

OMG!!! I am sorry late reply. I will answer immediately.

1. I'm doing desine another pattern. It is expected to take 50 days.
2.I dont use brown resin. But New Estella update on next month. She is milk choco color pattern. mint eyeshadow. grey glass eye.

I am waiting new glass eye. It making now on factory. It will be arrive next month.
sky blue eye. brown eye. grey eye.

If you any question. mail me anytime. and please understand my bad English ^^;;
Than you so much!!!

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