FilipaValente PRO 1:09am, 3 January 2013
do Estellas bend their knees? in some pics it looks like it but not in others.
Maybe not all the models do...
Artrabbits 6 years ago
Yes they bend at the knees. But when they're straight legged the joints blend nicely. They do not bend at the elbows however.
FilipaValente PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FilipaValente (member) 6 years ago
thank you schveinmachine:

I cant wait for mine to arrive! It is worse than when i was in love with some guy, back in the day! LMAO
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Have you decided which colour to go for yet Pipa?
FilipaValente PRO 6 years ago
I already ordered MOMO !!
she will be shipped next week!
Can you imagine? I can't help but thinking of the damn rabbit every hour of the day!
(exaggerating a bit) lol
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Oh, she is lovely!! Do you know how long the shipping will take? You must be so excited... I know I was :)

I had an outfit waiting for her, as I'm not too keen on the stock clothes. I couldn't wait to do her hair and get her changed :)
FilipaValente PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FilipaValente (member) 6 years ago
I am excited, because every time I bought a doll I always said Estella would be the next one.
Well, now is the time :) plus I had to let go of two of my cuties just to get her....
From my experience stuff sent from South Korea and/or Japan, by EMS, which is the case, takes about a week to arrive in my country - Portugal.
:) yes, I wanna play with my bunny LOL
Did your girl came with the stock blue dress ?
If so and if ever you want to let it go, please tell me. ;) xoxo
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