abigailrabbits PRO 10:00pm, 11 December 2012
Hello :)

I have just purchased an Estella Bunny doll.
She may or may not arrive before Christmas, as she is coming from outside of the UK.

I just wondered what clothes you all get for them?
Do they fit clothes from other dolls (eg Blythe dolls)? I have plenty of Blythe stuff but do not know the sizing.

I'm really excited about my new arrival :)

Abi x
FilipaValente PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FilipaValente (member) 6 years ago
I'm happy for you Abi! I am trying to save for one. I love these girls.
From what I have seen and as is also written on Estella's website, they wear the same size of clothes as Blythe. Even shoes, so you have nothing to worry about ;)
Has she arrived by now? and which one have you chosen?
I want a blonde one with freckles :)
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Hi Pipa,

Thanks for the reply :)
Sadly she has still not arrived yet :( I was hoping that she would arrive in time for Christmas, but this did not happen. I am having a lazy day in front of the TV today, and part of me is constantly listening for the door!!

This is the one I have on the way:

I did not get her from the Estella shop though. I found her on Ebay so she is secondhand.
I am really looking forward to receiving her.
I already have a Blythe outfit put aside for her.

:) x
Hiya! She's skinnier than blythe so - in my opinion - some clothes don't look good but most do.
I adore my estella doll so hope you do too when she arrives!!!
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Thanks MilkyWaySugar... I'll take that into consideration. I've got a nice vintage skipper dress, which fits Blythe, but is a little on the tight side, so maybe that would be a good dress for her.

Fingers crossed that she arrives tomorrow :) x
FilipaValente PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FilipaValente (member) 6 years ago
Congrats! she is a cutie. Have you thought of a name yet? :)
I am going to put one of my Jerry Berry for adoption to help make the purchase of Estella. It is so difficult for me to sell some of my beloved dolls in order to get others .... lol
Jerry Berry also wear my Blythe clothes though some also are a bit on the loose side, but I kind of find it endearing :))
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Still awaiting her arrival :( ......
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
OMG...... she arrived this morning! She is so much more beautiful in real life. The photos of her from the ebay ad really do not do her justice.

I have tied her dark hair up into a pony tail and I have dressed her in a vintage skipper dress with some tights and boots. She looks FAB!

The hand painted face is so beautifully done..... very intricate and pretty.

I shall be taking some photos at some point today, so pop back if you fancy a peek :)

FilipaValente PRO 6 years ago
So happy for you!
Something tells me she travelled from Spain didn't she? ;)
She is most adorable! Can't wait to see her all dressed up!
Pics pics pics yes! :))

abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Yes, I think she certainly did come from Spain (I think Barcelona).

I'm currently getting the house ready for our New Years Eve celebrations, but as soon as I'm done, I will take some pics :)

FilipaValente PRO 6 years ago
I sold a Dal to that spanish girl once :)
I'll be waiting. hehe
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Here she is...... I need to think of a name for her!
The outfit that i had waiting for her fits really well, so I am really pleased. The dress is a vintage skipper dress and she has new yellow tights and boots.
I'll have to try and get some daylight pics of her tomorrow too :)




I hope you like her :) x
FilipaValente PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by FilipaValente (member) 6 years ago
here she is in all her splendor!
I have already seen her and commented on your page. What a cutie!
The outfit is absolutely gorgeous.
Suits her so well!
I'm hoping to see many more photos of her :)
Oh what a cutie! Congrats to you! I *think* I nearly bought her! She's lovely.
Isn't their face detail amazing! I adore mine!
abigailrabbits PRO 6 years ago
Thankyou :)

The face detailing really is amazing!!
She was on Ebay until early December... thats when we purchased her.
To be honest, I was not 100% about buying her, as the photos were not amazing. However, I had seen other photos of this model that I loved, so I went for it. I am so so glad I did, as the photos really did not do her justice. She is perfect :)

I love that they come in a box with silky cushions too :)
I also love the fact that there are only 30 made in each design.... makes the purchase feel really special.
I have other limited edition items, but never of a run of as little as 30!

I'd say that my only criticism would be that she is hard to pose. She does not sit easily and she falls over easily. I stole a stand from one of my Toffee dolls and I have had to position it so that it is around her arms so that she does not fall forwards. Nevermind though.

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