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Shoe size

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Fuzzy Feet (Alisha) says:

What size shoes does she wear? My bunny has been barefoot since I've had her.
2:07PM, 30 July 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Hyuna.C says:

Estella's size is same as Blythe.
71 months ago (permalink)

ahead smash [deleted] says:

That's not really true. Her feet seem to be a tad bit smaller. AND flat. I guess the better question is, WHAT kind of shoes does she wear!? I need to know too!
Originally posted 70 months ago. (permalink)
ahead smash edited this topic 70 months ago.

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Fuzzy Feet (Alisha) says:

Thanks Hyuna ; ) Hmm Well for now I guess Blythe shoes will do.
70 months ago (permalink)

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