Remove basting?

mochistudios 7:05pm, 25 September 2008
I've just started trying this style of paperpiecing and it's lots of fun! I couldn't find this answer in the tutorial... I was wondering, after you baste the hexagons and stitch them together, do you remove the basting or leave it in? Is it up to whatever you prefer? If so, what are the pros and cons of leaving the basting in or removing it? Thanks :)
mishi2x PRO 9 years ago
I usually remove the basting once every side of my hexagon has been attached to another piece, and I've ironed the seams down.
mochistudios 9 years ago
Thanks mishi2x! That makes sense. I'll do that too. I use cheap thread to baste anyways :)
sunshine's creations PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by sunshine's creations (admin) 9 years ago
either way works if your stitches don't go all the way through and you don't use real thick thread.
Jennifer Can Quilt 9 years ago
i don't remove basting at all, though lately i haven't been basting with thread, just ironing the sides down with steam. it seems to work.
Annie_Shea 9 years ago
I really never bother with it -- I use cream thread and leave it in. Never had a problem with hand or machine quilting.
bluebirdluxe PRO 6 years ago
oh good! I was wondering about that! I just made my first hexagons and..I didn't take out the basting! :)
rsislandcrafts 6 years ago
I leave the basting in because I don't baste all the way through. Lately I have been using glue to baste. Saves lots of time.
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