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treegrow is a group administrator treegrow says:

EOL can import your Flickr images only if you provide properly formatted machine tags that tell us which organism(s) are featured in your photos. For most photos, machine tagging is easy, but it's important to follow instructions closely and there are a few cases where things can get complicated.

For most photos, all you need to do is create a binomial tag with the genus and species name like this:

axonomy:binomial=Genus species

Example: taxonomy:binomial=Panthera tigris

Note that Flickr has recently changed the way tagging works on photo pages, and you don't need quotes around the binomial machine tag anymore. In fact, you cannot use them anymore, they make your tag invalid. But you currently still need them when entering tags in the Flickr uploader or batch organizer. So when you tag your photos in one of these interfaces, use: "taxonomy:binomial=Panthera tigris" with the quotes around the tag.

Tags are not case sensistive, i.e., either taxonomy:binomial=PANTHERA TIGRIS or taxonomy:binomial=panthera tigris will work just as well.

You can add tags one by one by clicking on the "Add Tag" button in the Tags section of each photo page. You can also use the Flickr Batch Organizer to tag several images at once, or you can use the iNaturalist Taxonomic Tags for Flickr tool which lets you search for scientific names and then creates the tags for you.

Please see the EOL Tagging FAQ for more information about tags, including discussions of special cases, e.g., uncertain identifications, tagging more than one organism, tagging subspecies, nomenclatural complication etc. If you have questions about tagging, please post them to the Tagging help thread.
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