job_earth 4:22pm, 13 July 2007
a poem-essay to share...

In the vastness of Nature's bounty
Nothing compares to the wonders
That flowers give to all our gardens
As real true-to-life stars of the day

More than just colors for our eyes
Sparkling Joy in bloom to shine
And flourishing light that we grow
To learn that Love is truly precious

As equally beautiful in greatness
In simplicity more than appearance
Rising to teach us some kindness
The beauty in sharing our feelings

Their movement is towards the Sun
Refined in good deeds of Holy Virtues
Reformed to live Life through the Heart
The Grace as to see beyond the eyes

The liberty from merely for decoration
But freedom to be honored as caring
And humility as the source of Dignity
Living in the Truth that brings Peace

Alive in Wisdom to defend the needy
The tasteful richness of inspirations
Dignified in protecting what is True
The meekness and gentleness within

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cogliere un fiore...
yogalady 11 years ago
Inside the Flower
Pink roses.
mike@bensalem [deleted] 11 years ago
"Hibiscus" by mike@bensalem [?]
Inmacor PRO 11 years ago
Flor de cactus
LinBow PRO 11 years ago
nerudagirl 11 years ago
Nammo PRO 11 years ago
Another view of the Magnolia
Jorge Miguel PRO 11 years ago
dancurstev 11 years ago
Yellow Flowers 3
Paulo Sérgio Ignácio 11 years ago
Muitas cores
€eErRbBbiiIEe€ [deleted] 11 years ago
...... Sh❀uLd Be .......
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Cippetta-Vicenza [deleted] 11 years ago
Dentro di noi
bwminseattle 11 years ago
Purple Dahlia
alicelidel 11 years ago
June Garden 11 years ago
translucent  II
Lee_Bryan 11 years ago
jtv2000 PRO 11 years ago
Barely Pink
Dace Saeades PRO 11 years ago
Fleur Jaune
Cpt<HUN> 11 years ago
Mother's day comin' [deleted] 11 years ago
Help! Where have I seen this picture before?

Hey I came across this lovely picture a few days ago
somewhere on the Internet. Is it Deja Vu or coincidence
but I could swear I saw this picture somewhere else before
but I can't for the life of me recall when/where.

Can anyone help me out? Is this a 'stock' image/photo,
posted on a greeting card, on flickr, google images or what?

See the thing about images is that there is no
search engine that allows a photo similarity search.
At least not within the broad domain/context of cataloging
the "DNA" of every image on the internet.
While we can instantly search for keywords to find
plagiarism on the internet using Google, or to find
more relevant sites, etc, we can't
search for "duplicates" of photos or photos that are
extremely similar in form or theme.

So has anyone seen this image anywhere before?
Any help would be great!
balavenise PRO 11 years ago
sorry I cannot help you, just continue the thread.....
bretoncelles, france
fotovizions (Leaving for Awhile) [deleted] 11 years ago
Natures Finest
rcook_isv PRO 11 years ago
Well, in my humble opinion, flowers are the best subject to photograph. Although much derided by the 'cognoscenti', they can form the most beautiful and transcendent of images. Easy for anyone to take; almost impossible to master. I will never master the subject, I know, but I truly enjoy trying. Thank you for the topic and the poem, job_earth.

Rose in Pastels
Bachspics 11 years ago
Something a little different:
Standing Tall In Crisp Winter Sun
viewthruthedoor 11 years ago
flower architecture
melepix 11 years ago
Sun and Fog
DisyertO 11 years ago
Marcia Salama 11 years ago
multi_everything 10 years ago
Once in A While...
Michael Lusk... 10 years ago
Janey Kay 10 years ago
Rose in the garden at the Rodin museum
AlicePopkorn PRO 10 years ago
focus now upon the single flower in a bouquet
Rosas de sangue
EricPhillips 10 years ago
soft 1
Class Asgn: Macro (1 of 3)
melepix 10 years ago
Flower lamp
water flower 2
collied PRO 10 years ago
flower explosion
Edoray PRO 10 years ago
20071230 - 040
hannah_1125 [deleted] 10 years ago
jane.siet 10 years ago
JenGoode 10 years ago
mztery PRO 10 years ago
White on Black Orchids
teo_0 10 years ago
Edoray PRO 10 years ago
20080205 - 018
Edoray PRO 10 years ago
20080211 - 195
maryuta OFF/ON 10 years ago
Le curve di un fiore
Sante.boschianpest PRO 10 years ago
Cuor di Gardenia....White Gardenia Flower
Romair PRO 10 years ago
Happy Valentines Day
katya_since1990 10 years ago
Apachioara 10 years ago
Zabir Hasan.. [deleted] 10 years ago
"The last rose for my story"
Canon Camera PRO 10 years ago
-- from Canon Camera - (?)
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Opening Time!
Spherical Me PRO 10 years ago
Red Poppy
judwal PRO 10 years ago
j4e0f0f 10 years ago
jane.siet 10 years ago
Fejo 10 years ago
Here is my favourite flower photos:


Floral Sunset

Flower drops


Fejo 10 years ago
Just a Drop of Flower 2
FotoManiacNYC PRO 10 years ago
I'm scared... it is so dark in there...
-kaicee- 10 years ago
Jean- PRO 10 years ago
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veins of an iris
ftoomschb PRO 10 years ago
DSC02611 Magnolias
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comexe PRO 10 years ago
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La vie en rose
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Lys.. ©
Nelson Ni [deleted] 10 years ago
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Week1: New Beginnings
alice 240 2 years ago
Groups Beta