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Icey Cake 7:53pm, 9 May 2007
I came across a blogsite and found out this software. It tries to do what Photoshop does but it's 100% free. I don't have a Windows machine to try on. Can anyone download and try it and let us know how's it?

Oh... a screenshot as well

I tried it... and hate it. It's missing a few key features that I use the most in photo retouching that really hurts it. it's more like a MS Paint enhancement that touches the photo area, than a Photoshop competitor.
Icey Cake 11 years ago
Oh well, I think the name implies it "Paint" .NET. MS Paint using .NET framework.
when i first found the program i thought "wow free photoshop alternative" and i was going to start writing basic tutorials based on it. but then later i couldn't figure out how to do layer mask, and then the fans told me you have to download a separate plug-in, and it still doesn't give you 1% of the freedom of the PS layer mask.. and i just never went back to try it anymore. i'm sure its good for something... just not for my application. :)
-(Stu)- [deleted] 11 years ago
I think you are missing the point of the program, Quote from the site "Originally intended as a free replacement for the MS Paint software that comes with Windows" so saying it does not match Photoshop (in our area £887 - convert that to your local currency!) is,IMHO a little unfair ;-)
I look after a number of workstations in an engineering firm and somebody who "Needs Photoshop" to do some basic stuff gets this, even the worst complainers rarely can come back and try to justify anything else (they also tend to get on OK with it, without tutorials)
For its intended use I think it's great.
powernumpty you made a good point. I guess comparing it to Adobe Photoshop is simply comparing apple to oranges. It's actually really nice if you treat it as a free software.. :)
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