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Found a bug in my lens...

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jlginnz says:

I recently sent my beloved 70-200 lens (which I have had a very long time) to Canon NZ for repair, since it had started to fail to communicate with my camera body (5DMkIV). They returned it unrepaired, since they could not emulate the problem, but regardless it now seemed to communicate just fine with the camera and I started to shoot with it again. Unfortunately, I also started to notice a weird smudge that would appear on my images, always in the same spot, and only when using this lens (so it was not on the sensor). I cleaned the UV filter and still the smudge appeared. I then took the filter off and shot "naked" and it still appeared. Cleaned the rear element of the lens--still the smudge was there. Only then did I finally look through the lens with both end and lens caps off and found the culprit--there is a spider inside my lens, behind the front element. How it got there, I have no idea, but Canon refuse to take it back (say they cannot open the lens and reliably close it back up again) so I am taking it to a camera repairman tomorrow who is game to give it a go. We shall see what happens...
Originally posted at 9:02PM, 11 September 2017 PST (permalink)
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rSix07 says:

How did your lens repair turn out?
15 months ago (permalink)

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