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And finally!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!
The mosaics are done! And yes, you read that right. Mosaics. We can haz options!.
You can find them in the EarthMosaic stream, together with some love for the photographers who participated. There are also links there to HUGE original images, which we've hosted on for your downloading pleasure!

Till next year!!


  • Pure Water Vision - Acea EcoArt Contest 2010

    Fortunato Productions and Acea Group - the largest Italian water utility company...

    EcoArtProject49 months ago0 replies

  • Where in the world are you?

    Please post which country you'll be posting photos from.. I'm in South Africa...

    Jentymom51 months ago244 replies

  • NAPP Here is a great website to learn photoshop from there are ...

    ArtCPhotos52 months ago0 replies

  • Have you Blogged Earth Mosaic Yet?

    Please post links to your blog on Earth Mosaic here :-) Here's mine travel...

    GreenHairMermaid / Joy-Anne Goodenough59 months ago14 replies

  • Earth Mosaics

    The final images look great! Thank you for your wonderful idea and hard work, Ea...

    xinapray60 months ago4 replies

  • Format and File Size.

    I just wanted to know what the format and file size limitations are for submissi...

    rohitsabu.61 months ago13 replies

  • NB!!Please post to or you won't be on the mosaic!

    Hi All I've had a few people saying is it ok that they've only posted their p...

    GreenHairMermaid / Joy-Anne Goodenough61 months ago2 replies

  • when,where,how

    How will the mosaic be displayed?

    dragonfly19x61 months ago1 replies

  • Ooops...

    What if I accidentally uploaded the same photo twice to the main earth mosaic pa...

    eliciaruth61 months ago4 replies

  • When do we get to see the mosaic?

    When do we get to see the mosaic? :)

    seeit_snapit61 months ago2 replies

  • Adding link

    Hey Just found this group via Twitter. I think a link to this Flicker Group sho...

    timbertoys261 months ago1 replies

  • posting not working!

    Happy Earth Day! We all breathe the same air! Trying to upload in the wee hours of Earth Day, but it is ...

    A n t o i n e t t e61 months ago33 replies

  • Says Picture not taken today

    I went out early this morning to my woods to take a picture in the early morning...

    sharonnord61 months ago2 replies

  • the earth banner

    This is an Earth Day banner I made in Photoshop, and I was wondering if you had ...

    zevobh61 months ago1 replies

  • Images in pool before 22nd!!

    I was wondering why there were 2 images in the pool on the 10th April. Earth Day...

    alphazeta61 months ago19 replies

  • Ready for Wed?

    Is everyone ready to just snap away in a few days?

    cherriza61 months ago2 replies

  • Ten days to go...

    Hi All and thanks for joining! Also, happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach to ...

    GreenHairMermaid / Joy-Anne Goodenough61 months ago6 replies

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