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Raptors and owls only; see below for what that means.
No obtrusive overprinted text
on photos.


  • STICKY  Obtrusive text on photos

    I had one of my pictures removed from the group today for "obtrusive over writte...

    supermoe (Alan Moditz)3 weeks ago87 replies

  • STICKY  What is a "Bird of Prey"?

    Hello my friends. I've posted a pic of a Cormorant in this group, because I kno...

    Lapis Leslie14 months ago41 replies

  • leaving this group

    In view of "Buckeyes" arrogant attitude in removing one of my photos from this g...

    jim bevan3 weeks ago1 replies

  • Birds of Prey in Essex England

    Hi there, Birds of prey have always been an interest of mine but coming from Es...

    Nick Rowley Photography2 months ago0 replies

  • Sorry

    Hi, I'm TRbirdnerd. Awhile ago, I got kicked out of the group for posting a pic ...

    Zachary Frieben_TRbirdnerd4 months ago4 replies

  • Hawk ID really needed

    I am really trying to ID this bird. I previously thought I had identified it as...

    John Elias Photography8 months ago8 replies

  • New to Birds of Prey

    Hi Guys I have just started to get into these wonderful birds. I attended the...

    GOR44Photographic@Gmail.com11 months ago0 replies

  • Removal of young tawny owls pic

    Hi, Can anybody explain why my pic of three young tawny owls on the same branch ...

    Scuba`Steve`11 months ago3 replies

  • New member

    Hi, As a new member I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I hope you like ...

    Jonathan Bowcutt EFIAP BPE313 months ago1 replies

  • Secretary Birds

    It has all the requirements of a raptor, but it's not on the list if terms.

    idahobirdstalker14 months ago4 replies

  • Hawk ID needed Can anyone ID this hawk? I saw it ...

    likes2gohiking14 months ago7 replies

  • new member and a hawk ID

    Hi, Ive just found and joined your group today and have posted a few juvenile b...

    eddissonuk15 months ago2 replies

  • Birds in flight

    Hello, What are the best settings for my combination Canon EOS 1100D + Sigma...

    JurgenMaassen25 months ago5 replies

  • Kestrels?

    Is the smallest American falcon, the kestrel, a proper subject in this group? ...

    ssvalina26 months ago3 replies

  • Invitation!!!!

    Invitez tous vos contacts à venir partager leurs photos d'oiseaux dans ce group...

    Curieux de nature...sheldon150626 months ago0 replies

  • recommend a gimbal head for use on a Nikon 300mm F4 lens with a 1.7 TC.

    Can anyone here recommend a gimbal head for use on a Nikon 300mm F4 lens with a ...

    I Follow The Light31 months ago16 replies

  • Admin changing the group rules

    Which admin... 1. Deleted from the group's front page the guidelines specifyin...

    Buckeye.32 months ago9 replies

  • Identification of a hawk?

    I took these today on Andros Island, Bahamas of what looks like a hawk. Can any...

    androskris33 months ago1 replies

  • Please help me identify these lovely birds

    I would really appreciate if you could add the names of these to the comments. ...

    Daniel200535 months ago3 replies

  • Bye

    I was an adm. But i dont like it anymore. So bye, good luck with this group. And...

    RoosjeVanDoorn38 months ago0 replies

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