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Buckeye. ADMIN May 11, 2015
See below for the group's full rules.
Note especially...
Raptors and owls only.
No obtrusive overprinted text on photos.
No fluffy young.

Group Description

Raptors and owls

Group Rules

This group's pool is restricted to photos of birds of prey (raptors) and owls, i.e.
- Osprey
- Vultures
- Kites
- Harriers
- Accipiters
- Eagles
- Hawks
- Buzzards
- Falcons
- Caracaras
- Secretary Bird
- Owls
For an idea of why the group is restricted to these species, see this discussion: www.flickr.com/groups/eagles/discuss/87495/
*** NB ***
Do NOT post photos of cormorants, herons, gulls, frogmouths, kingfishers, shrikes, crows, or any other species that are not in the list above.

Please give the location, and the bird's species name if you can.
No obtrusive overprinted text/graphics.
No fancy frames.
No people.
No falconry.
No downy young.
No birds at/near the nest.
No composite images (created from two or more separate photos) nor images liable to fool viewers into thinking they depict reality when they do not - unless acknowledged as such in the title or description.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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